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Kicking Plus Boxing Equals Kickboxing

Kickboxing became a craze with Tae bo about 20 years ago. Kickboxing was an instant hit for gym goers all over the U.S. With the high energy music, fun striking on bags and pads, positive group fitness environment and undeniable awesome results - kickboxing was here to stay.

Kickboxing - sometimes referred to as cardio kickboxing or aerobic kickboxing is like the old step aerobics on steroids. First, kicking with your legs (the largest muscle in your bodies) on heavy bags is resistance training and cardio training all in one. Kickboxing is also great for core training as it requires that essential twisting, turning and recovery of the center of the kickboxer's body to deliver the kicks and punches with power. Kickboxing is also awesome because it is based in real life martial art skills and principles. Thus, kickboxing is not only a great workout it is also thru muscle memory making the kickboxer into a formidable self defense opponent. The knee strikes, devastating elbows and front kicks done over and over for hundreds and thousands of times develop tangible skills that the kickboxing student can rely upon if ever needed.

Lastly, because kickboxing is a group fitness class the energy from the other atheletes gives everyone extra motivation to push out those last few moves. And, kickboxing can burn over 800 calories because kickboxers in an hour class will stay motivated to keep going even when the going gets rough by the positive instructors. The boxing aspect of kickboxing classes tones those muscles of the arm, chest and back; and, the kicking portion from Taekwondo and Karate chisel those abs, glutes and legs. Kickboxing combines the best of both worlds and you should give it a try!!!


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