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Building Incredible Young Martial Artists Instilled With The Life Skills Of Respect, Discipline, Fitness & Self Confidence

● Child Taekwondo (for ages 9-12) at the Seung-ni Academy focuses on developing students with strong character, discipline and self-esteem.  This essential development is achieved by training in a positive learning environment in which respect, values and goal realization are heavily emphasized.


● By training in Taekwondo (a traditional Korean art that focuses on many dynamic hand and kicking techniques) students also develop strong self defense skills, balance, coordination, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning.  New students also need not feel intimidated or “behind” as they will start in a beginning class with other new students who are just getting going as well.


● In addition, the students are equipped with real life skills, such as how to deal with bullies and how to speak with confidence in public.  They learn how to be leaders among their peers – not followers and that respecting parents and teachers is a vital tenet of any martial artist.  The Taekwondo students will love the challenging agility courses, board breaking and martial arts self defense drills that build their bodies and keep them excited.

● And, above all we have FUN!  You will frequently catch your child smiling BIG through their class.

3 Benefits Children Get From Martial Arts Training

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Better Grades
In School
child push-ups
Greater Physical
child playing video games
Less Video Games & Screen Time