Empowering Amazing Kids To Become Focused, Respectful & Confident 

Peaceful Warriors...

● Child Taekwondo (for ages 7-12) at the Seung-ni Academy focuses on developing students with strong character, discipline and self-esteem.  This essential development is achieved by training in a positive learning environment in which respect, values and goal realization are heavily emphasized.


● By training in Taekwondo (a traditional Korean art that focuses on many dynamic hand and kicking techniques) students also develop strong self defense skills, balance, coordination, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning.  New students also need not feel intimidated or “behind” as they will start in a beginning class with other new students who are just getting going as well.


● In addition, the students are equipped with real life skills, such as how to deal with bullies and how to speak with confidence in public.  They learn how to be leaders among their peers – not followers and that respecting parents and teachers is a vital tenet of any martial artist.  The Taekwondo students will love the challenging agility courses, sword fighting, board breaking, tournaments and martial arts drills that build their bodies and keep them excited.

● And, above all we have FUN!  You will frequently catch your child smiling BIG through their class.

3 Benefits Children Get From Martial Arts Training

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Better Grades
In School
child push-ups
Greater Physical
child playing video games
Less Video Games & Screen Time

Parents Sharing

Their Story...

"Mason has always wanted to be a power ranger ever since he was little.  I never knew that much about martial arts.  Since signing him up at Seung-ni - I have learned that it is so much more than just kicking and punching.  The instructors talk to the kids about respect, patience and manners.  And, he just told me after his last class that his karate skills should never be used in anger or to bully -- but only in self defense for himself or others.  Two big thumbs up!". 

Charlotte G., Mason's Mom


1. How long are the classes?  The Taekwondo Classes are 50 minutes. 

2. Will martial arts training make my child aggressive? Just the opposite is true.  Here, children learn how to be kind, polite and patient.  And, that martial art techniques are never to be used in anger but only a tool to build their bodies and for self defense.

3. Can my child be successful in martial arts even if they are not very athletic?  Yes, most definitely.   Martial arts is a great opportunity for kids who just never click in team sports.  Martial arts develops many of the underlying components of athleticism like coordination, balance and agility thus creating new physical skills and confidence.


4. How old does my child have to be to start Taekwondo?  The class is generally for children ages 7 and up. 

5. Is there a lot of flexibility in the class schedule: Yes, we offer Child Taekwondo Classes six days a week and you can change your class times on any given week to fit your family's schedule.

6. How do we get started?  Just fill out and submit the Free Introductory Lesson Form below or give the Academy a quick call.   

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Are you ready to see what martial arts can do for your son, daughter or grandchild?

Awesome ... So what happens next?


1. Fill out and submit the form below or just give us a quick call at 932-4300.

2. One of our instructors will get back with you and schedule a FREE (100% No Obligation) 30 minute private lesson at a time that works good for you.

3. We know it can sometimes be intimidating to come into a new environment and we want students to get off to a confident start.  In the Intro Lesson we give the young students a tour of the academy, have them try on free uniform to keep ($30 value) and then have them come out on the training floor to do a lesson with one of our patient black belt instructors. We cover the rules of the training (bowing, respect, etc.) and let them practice some of the cool techniques they would learn in class and have them kick on the bags and pads.  And, we discuss the 3 Rules of Respect:


  • Respect Themselves (proper eating, exercise and academics

  • Respect Parents (obeying parents and doing what is asked of them the first time without complaint) and

  • Respect Teachers (to listen and be focused in class).

4. The Intro Lesson is a great way for new students to get comfortable with the environment, get to know their teachers and it allows parents an opportunity to see the way we teach and interact with their children - and decide if this is the right program for their family.


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