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bjj will change your life...

Bjj or Brazilian jiu-jitsu will modify, improve, alter and change your life forever. Bjj at its simplest is a system of grappling techniques designed to allow a smaller person to defend against and ultimately defeat a larger opponent. Utilizing math, angles, leverage, momentum and subterfuge bjj is cerebral. And, yet at its core bjj is ultimately simplistic and almost holistic in how it enables those who train to seek a better understand of themselves.

Bjj is about a century old. But the coolest art form on the planet is still evolving. Bruce Lee would have been impressed with the continual growth and popularity of bjj. Bruce Lee in fact incorporated bjj grappling techniques into his own composite system. And, Chuck Norris still actively trains in bjj as part of his martial arts regiment. He sees the importance and beauty in the bjj approach to combat.

Many learn about bjj from friends, youtube, MMA, podcasts, military training and yet unfortunately a large majority of those interested still are reluctant to take that next step and walk into a bjj studio and begin their journey. Bjj from the outside can be intimidating much like riding a large wave breaking can be intimidating to a non-swimmer watching from the shore. But to the seasoned surfer it is home. However, we all know that surfers all had to start at the beginning and believe it or not for most surfers that first exposure to the waves was the most important and enjoyable. The initial step of any epic journey often is. Bjj is the exact same.

On the mats, training with a partner, working on a new move, trying to master an old technique, improvising your way out of a challenge -- bjj is life in a pure perfect microcosm. When you drive or walk or ride your bike home from your first bjj training class you will be a different person. You will have experienced a new you and chances are pretty good you are going to really like that new person. A new perspective on life is not obtained from drugs, alcohol or other vices as is often sought by those with stress, problems and real issues. Instead it is just masked and comes back worse. Bjj, however, leaves the student with a new way of looking at, understanding and the ability to problem solve those life issues.

Bjj is great for all body types, genders, age, athleticism, background, education and income. I have yet to meet an individual who was not touched by and improved by bjj. Most of the time students of the art become life long advocates. So grab your surf board and pick up the phone and call your local bjj and dive into the wake today!

Mike Opper is a brown belt instructor at the Seung-ni BJJ Studio located in Traverse City, Michigan. If you would like to come learn bjj and roll with him - just give him a call at 231.932.4300.

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