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Martial Arts Helps You Unplug From Social Media

Social media is constant and martial arts may be the answer to helping you unplug from the daily stress of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Social media never seems to end. From our smart phones, I pads and computers we are constantly being bombarded. This inordinate of amount of time spent in the unreal world of social media takes us out of balance. Martial arts can assist in restoring that essential balance.

To be healthy and happy humans need and seek balance. This essential balance is easily demonstrated through work/play, rest/exercise, night/day, etc. Martial arts has always played a pivotal role in producing balance for those that practice its many forms such as karate, taekwondo, tai-chi, brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo and kempo. In 2019 the need for disciplines like martial arts to help even the scales for those seemingly connected 24/7 has never been greater it could be argued.

Martial arts provides an important physical release. The kicks, punches, drills, movements, partner drills, sparring all at their most basic form help to release energy (often negative energy). This is key in keeping an individual in balance.

Martial arts also fulfills the vital role of helping to create new perspective from entering that of Zen. Zen is when you are so fully occupied with a thought or activity or exercise or challenge that the rest of the world drifts away. It is a mental break from the continuous nature of electronic entertainment and communications that ensnares virtually everyone in today's society. Realizing and experiencing zen was prized thousands of years ago for the same reason it is valuable today. For example, when drilling a move with a Brazilian jiu-jitsu partner in class in which you are trying to defend against a choke and escape -- you have to be totally focused with mind and body. Thus, your brain no longer focuses on the stress of being plugged in.

Martial arts is unique in how those that practice it form a community of like minded people that become more than teammates -- but great friends. Real friendships where time is spent in discussing the art form, ways to improve, complimenting, laughing and encouraging is so positive and healing. Although electronic interactions is quick and easy is seldom has the same strong benefits associated with real in person human interaction and sharing.

Unplugging. Disconnecting. Breaking Free. Many in today's world have a deep awareness that it is not the healthy way to live. But, it is hard to get away from the electronic world. Martial arts, however, may just have the key to creating this good space or separation to keep you in a state of balance. So why don't you try breaking free from your smart phone and computer games for a few hours and give martial arts a try!!!

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