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4 Quick Tips To Get Karate Belt Level Flexibility -- Fast!

Black belts are known for high fast kicks due to their great flexibility. Karate black belts gain this flexibility from constant, consistent and effective stretching. The benefits of being flexible go far beyond the walls of the karate dojo. In fact, being flexible is often considered one of the most important physical attributes for a long healthy life. It is never too late or too early to stretching and making your body malleable and lithe. In not only greatly aids in lessening injury but it also helps athletes perform at a higher level because they are not fighting their own "tight" muscles and connective tissue.

Stretching can be boring. Stretching can be uncomfortable. Stretching takes up a lot of time. Stretching does not render quick results. These excuses are the primary reasons an individual either does not stretch at all or does not stretch as much as they should. But, learning the correct way to stretch for your body will greatly increase the effectiveness of your stretching and the obtainment of far superior flexibility.

4 Super Quick Tips To Black Belt Level Flexibility:

1. Strengthen The Muscle - A weak muscle is often the cause for lack of increased flexibility. When you hit a plateau in stretching one of the very first things you should do is increase the strength of the muscle. A strong muscle has greater ability to withstand the process of being lengthened and reduces the chance of injury.

2. Trick The Muscle - The golgi tendon reflex is a process by which a muscle under stress for a period of time will relax when the tension is relieved. Much like how you feel spent after a heated argument because you are clenching your fists and chest is tight and then after you exhale and your body feels relaxed. So flex the muscle under great tension for at least ten seconds and then relax wait one second and then try a slightly deeper stretch.

3. Warm The Muscle - Like a rubber band coming out of the freezer and snapping, a warmed up muscle stretches far easier than a cold rigid one. Take the time (8-10 minutes of calisthenics like the being of a karate class) to get the muscles really warmed up and ready to get flexible before stretching.

4. Stretch Daily -- The human body responds best with long term consistent stretching. Hard stretching just one day a week often leads to injuries and poor results. Every day attention to your flexibility will foster fast and more long term results.

Karate Black Belts are flexible because they make stretching a habit. And, they are patient with their bodies but are willing to put in the long term hard work to achieve the goals. Head level spin kicks like in the movies are not by luck but by sticking to a smart and effective long term stretching regiment.

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