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Traverse City BJJ

Traverse City BJJ is top on many peoples list for martial arts, self defense, stress release and fun. Traverse City BJJ is cool because it can be practiced by any of any level of fitness. Students of bjj in Traverse City also appreciate the significant mental benefits like focus, discipline, self control and perseverance. But above all, Traverse City BJJ may just be the most powerful way to improve confidence. How so you ask? Well lets delve into that question a little more and figure out why bjj is the leading choice for law enforcement, mixed martial artists, military, security professionals and normal everyday men and women and teens and children living in Traverse City who want more confidence .

Imagine having absolutely no martial arts training and walking into a room, a school, a store, a party, a plane, any public or private place with lots of people. The threat of an unexpected physical altercation is all to real and present. Lacking the experience and tools to know how to effectively deal with potential physical violence directed against you or a loved one is disturbing. Bjj recognizes that challenge. And, following the advice of many smart leaders over the years has a philosophy that to overcome such fear you need to walk directly into it.

Students of Traverse City bjj are no different than others. They have just decided to take that one all important step and put aside any roadblocks and start training in a practical and tactical art form -- brazilian jiu-jitsu:

1). Bjj promotes confidence because it is real. You learn self defense techniques on a real live partner and receive immediate feedback as to whether your bjj weapons are being effective or need to be sharpened and practiced further.

2) Bjj builds confidence because it gives you an undeniable blue print of how to protect yourself in a real life altercation. You close the distance in bjj to take away the risk of receiving damaging strikes. You take your partner to the ground to utilize the floor as additional source of leverage. You employ proven positional movements to establish a dominant position against your opponent. And finally you utilize a bjj joint lock or choke to subdue (without ever once having to injure) the bad actor.

3) Traverse City BJJ instills confidence because after your first couple of classes you actually witness how students of bjj can actually defend against a bigger, stronger opponent. Yes -- bjj in a sense is a super power. It works. You will see it and feel it.

4) Brazilian jiu-jitsu ingrains confidence because after every class you are a better martial artist. You have honed your techniques and weathered the storm of your friendly but purposeful training partners. This constant "progress but not perfection" builds a confident, kind warrior.

5) Bjj in Traverse City fosters confidence in those that seek it out by revealing to yourself that you can survive and think under pressure and keep your calm and work your way out of any problem be it on the mats, in the street or in life. This is probably one of Bjj's most powerful gifts.

I have been training and an instructor at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy in Traverse City since 2002. The Academy is spotless clean. The Instructors are patient. The students are welcoming. The attitude is humble. The prices are very reasonable. The bjj training is top notch. What is the only thing missing -- "YOU" When you are ready give me a call at 231-932-4300 and I will guide you through your journey into bjj.

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