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KEYSI Fighting Method (KFM) is an instinctive self-defense method created by Justo Digeuez. KEYSI focuses on not only the single attacker but also simultaneous multiple attackers from all positions of vulnerability - standing, clinching, kneeling, sitting and the ground.  The KFM trademark is the Pensador (thinking man) and Pensataq (thinking man attack), which makes use of a tight defense shape protecting the precious part of the body, the head, and simultaneously smashes and opens the opponent for the finish "defense in attack."  KEYSI defends against violent street attackers by use of all ranges of strikes - punchses, hammer fists, sharp elbows, head butts, knees, and kicks all on high, middle and low lines on the opponent.  The movements, concepts and principals used in KEYSI follow the universal laws that are not limited by any system or style.  KFM develops the mind and body, teaching instinctive response under stress and transforms physical, mental and emotional weakness into skill.


- Self defense against single and multiple opponents


- 360 degree self-awareness system


- Not a sport and uses self-defense in real-life situations

- Reinforced by classic fighting techniques

- Develops the "Fighting Instinct" (the predator mentality)

- Promotes personal growth through the devopment of instinct 

The Keysi Fighting Method Class meets on Wednesday evenings from 7:10-8:00pm.

The tuition is $77.00 / month.

If you would like to join the KFM Team or come try a free class please click on the button below and fill out the info form.

To schedule a free introductory session or to get more info please submit the form below. 

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