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A Martial Artists' Journey To Taekwondo Black Belt

Hi! I am a Taekwondo black belt. I am a martial artist. I have been on a fantastic journey. There have been some challenges and some tough times but I persevered and earned my Taekwondo Black Belt and it feels incredible. Would not have traded this journey of self growth for anything. My story? Well here it goes...

I signed up at the Seung-ni Taekwondo School because I was looking for something. What that something was I was not exactly sure at the time. I worked a lot. I tried to be fit but it was not a priority. I would hang out with my friends when I had free time. My life was ok -- but I wanted and deserved more. Wanted more.

From a co-worker I learned of the Seung-ni Taekwondo Academy in Traverse City, Michigan. Her kids attended martial arts classes there. I took a big breath and stepped far outside my comfort zone and scheduled a free intro lesson. And, from the second I stepped inside the Traverse City dojo I never looked back. I was nervous. But the black belts were nice. Had just enough confidence from that first martial arts experience to try the group class the following Tuesday evening.

Taekwondo became a regular routine for me. A positive healthy habit. I became more flexible. The strength gains I began to notice next. Then came the increased cardio and lastly the confidence from knowing I had precious life skills to be able to protect myself. Week after week of Taekwondo kicks, Taekwondo punches and Taekwondo blocks and Taekwondo self defense techniques started to pay dividends. I was becoming that martial artist I had always secretly admired.

More than the physical and mental benefits -- that which I treasure most about my journey at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Studio are the friends I have made along the way. Real people. Down to earth. Goal oriented and positive. Not a bunch of complainers like you often run into. Was refreshing and invigorating. The high 5's after a cool jump turning kicks finally achieved and the cheers and support when a buddy ranked up to their next Taekwondo belt.

Taekwondo has become a huge part of my life. Have just recently earned my 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo has only further flamed the fires of my desire to continue expanding my knowledge and training in this martial art. I view respect, discipline and strength in a who new light since I have become a martial artist. My body is lean, agile and toned. I have thankfully not had to use my self defense skills since beginning my training but I am the complete confidence to know that the 1,000 of repetitions have ingrained these movements into my muscles.

I owe so my to Taekwondo and the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy in Traverse City. It is now my family. I can not wait for what awaits in my journey. My simple advice to all who ask me about my training is simple -- "don't think about it, just do it!"

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