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Positive, Rewarding & Fun - the perfect program for acquiring the powerful benefits of martial arts with your children. 

Karate Practice

Mom, dads, sons and daughters learning and training together in martial arts is just COOL!

The Family TKD Class is for ALL kids ages 10 and up and parents (or even grandparents and aunts / uncles) of any age, experience or belt level.

 Experience the JOY of sharing your exciting journey to black belt and beyond with your child.

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Key details

- The Family Taekwondo Class meets every Tuesday evening from 5:15 - 6:05pm.

- The Class is focused on building fundamental martial arts skills with attention to proper form and technique so a great environment for newer beginning students.

- The combined membership fee for a parent and child to train in the family class is only $144 per month and that includes new uniforms (so no additional charges).  

- To schedule a free introductory class with your son or daughter to see if its going to be a good fit for your family, just fill out the info form below or call the Academy at 932-4300.

To schedule a free introductory session or to get more info please submit the form below. 

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