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Women's BJJ In Traverse City

Women's BJJ classes in Traverse City is a the right opportunity for women of all ages, size, background and experience to learn self defense and be empowered. BJJ or Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a popular martial art. BJJ was created so that a smaller individual could protect themselves from a larger attacker. It is a uniquely suited martial art for women because it enables them to use proven technique to defend against a stronger male adversary.

Having a Women's BJJ in Traverse City is also cool because it is special environment where women can come be comfortable knowing that they will not be intimidated. The BJJ instructor is a female with over 20 years of martial arts experience. She is a patient, encouraging and positive. Just the type of teacher a new student new to martial arts would feel great about.

What is BJJ? It is a martial art that teaches someone how to use the strongest part of their body - core and legs. BJJ is realistic in that it will incorporate clothing and teach you how to use it offensively and defensively. BJJ is essentially non-impact -- there is no one punching or kicking you! And it is so effective and proven that it is the now the primary martial art taught in the military and law enforcement. BJJ is fun.

Do you have to be a women who is in great physical shape to do BJJ? No, it does not require great strength, stamina or athletic ability to learn BJJ. And what is great the training in BJJ will in fact actually build strength and fitness.

A women's only class in BJJ is awesome most importantly because it fosters a safe environment where women who want to learn, want to share, want to move forward, want to take control of their lives can do so surrounded by other supportive women.

Sound good? Sound like something you and your sister of friend or coworker or daughter may like to try? Then give a call to the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy and ask for Lisa the BJJ Instructor at 231.932.4300. The first class is absolutely free.

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