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Our Fun Kickboxing Classes Will Get You

Fit In A Hurry... 

Kickboxers have amazing fit bodies: lean hard muscles in their arms, shoulders and legs - strong abs and core - and low body fat.  In our Kickboxing classes you will do the exact same striking drills and fat burning exercises just like you were getting ready for a real kickboxing match except you just don't get punched!       

Fun, Positive, Exciting - every kickboxing class will keep you physically and mentally engaged, smiling, sweating  and most importantly motivated for your next one!  

Our patient and encouraging kickbox coaches will make sure that you learn good technique, motivate you when you are dragging and be there for every kick and punch to help you reach your individual fitness goals.



Cindy Hughes
Weight Loss -- 37 Pounds

"I needed Seung-ni Kickboxing to help me kick start my complete body transformation.  My arms and shoulders are defined and you can see muscle.  My stomach is hard.  My legs are strong and toned.  I can do real push ups, I can kickbox!  Thank you so much..."

Seung-ni Traverse City Martial Arts & Kickboxing Academy



"I had always wanted to learn how to kickbox.  And, I had been going to a gym for the last several years doing various weight machines and the elliptical but I noticed that I was getting super bored, coming up with excuses to miss my workout and my body was not improving.  Seung-ni kickboxing was just what I needed.   Kickboxing training has re-invigorated me and got me in the best shape of my life.  The Seung-ni instructors challenge and motivate me in the right way and I have never felt and looked better."

—  Samantha F., Traverse City 

The Keys

To Our Kickboxing 

You Ready To Kick

Your Fat Burning Into 

High Gear?

kickboxer stretching.png
Class Warm Up To Get Your Body Stretched Out And Ready For Training
Kicking, Punching & Elbow Strikes On Pro Level Heavy Bags For Awesome All Over Body Conditioning
class kicking.jpg
pushup-girl 2.jpg
We Help Get That Lean And Toned Kickboxer's Bod With "Off Bag" Exercises Like Squats, Planks & Push-ups (But Don't Worry If You Have An Injury Or Limitations - The Instructors Will Give You Easy Modifications)
Cool Down Stretching 
cool down stretch.jpg



Am I going to feel uncomfortable as the new person in class?  Not at all -- our Kickboxing Program is a warm and welcoming environment.  Other kickboxers will come right up and say "hi" and our amazing coaches let you know that you get to learn and train at your pace and intensity level.