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Taekwondo Is The Secret Weapon Against Stress in Traverse City, Michigan...

The traditional martial art of Taekwondo has been around for thousands of years, but its value in helping people find balance, reduce stress and have a healthier and happy life has never been more important than now. Emails, work, meetings, family, finances, fitness, diet, travel, personal safety, vices, distractions, bullies - the list of influences that can wreak havoc on an adult in the modern world is simply mind numbing. Those living in Traverse City, Michigan are exposed to these challenges just like everywhere else in the United States. Traverse City. But there is a weapon available to battle that stress. A secret weapon to beat that stress and it is Taekwondo. Adult Taekwondo students have realized and appreciated this under marketed secret attribute of such a well known martial art as Taekwondo.

Let's just cover a quick list of how and why Taekwondo is so powerful at counter acting stress in Traverse City adults:

1) Bowing onto the mats before a Taekwondo class is tradition but much more. It is a mental switch in which the Taekwondo adult student learns to leave behind the struggles and distractions of the day.

2) Flexibility is center piece of Taekwondo. Stress creates tension in the body. This tension is held thru tight muscles and joints. An adult leaving a Taekwondo class with tons of stretching and rigorous body movements such as kicks, block and punches has limbered up the body and eased that tightness.

3) Zen. Taekwondo enables a Taekwondo student to find Zen. To be fully immersed in a challenging combat drill, or learning a hard form or trying to perfect a difficult kick. The Taekwondo student must put 100% of his or her focus to the challenge. After this complete focus in a Zen state allows for a new perspective where the stress is seen from a new perspective. A healthy perspective.

4) In Taekwondo a student will be faced with challenges that require hard work, perseverance and force them outside their comfort zone. When the difficult new rank belt is earned, the personal protection movement mastered, the sparring match completed the Taekwondo student will have earned new confidence. This martial arts confidence empowers the individual to change how they interact with other people and stresses in a more positive light.

5) Comradery of a martial arts class is never to be underestimated. Making life long friends who count on you and hold you accountable and share in the common pursuit of a Taekwondo black belt journey can do wonders for making the martial artist happier and more resilient to what life may throw at them.

Taekwondo training is not hard to start. You are never to old to begin Taekwondo. Taekwondo does not cost that much money for a monthly membership. Taekwondo is physically demanding but as a new student you are given the tools and the time and patient positive guidance to achieve the goal. The only one stopping you from sharing in the stress reducing benefits of Taekwondo is you.


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