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Traditional martial arts training for young adults that builds confidence, creates friendships, instills  perseverance & fosters life long fitness habits.

● Our teen Taekwondo class provides the perfect atmosphere for young adults to build their confidence, mind and bodies. The class is fun, fast paced and challenging while focusing on superior technique and self discipline.  Male and female teen students alike are equipped with effective (and empowering) self defense skills to protect them from possible threats -- great training for young adults heading off to college soon.  And, by becoming experts in martial arts this newly found self esteem will spread to other parts of their life and enable them to have greater confidence in social, academic, family and professional relationships.


● Students also benefit tremendously from learning about and experiencing the principles and values of being a true martial artist:  when to be a leader and when to be a follower to defeat negative peer pressure; a healthy diet; the importance of education; how to surround themselves with positive friends and respect for parents.

● The black belt instructors often read to the students stories about Bruce Lee and the old Samurai to convey powerful messages of courage, character, integrity and dedication. 

● The students test for new rank belts approximately every 3 months.  This process is great for instilling the importance of setting, diligently working towards and achieving goals.  

● Teens also build lasting, great friendships from outside their usual peer group at school – so they can truly be themselves.  

3 Benefits Teens Get From Martial Arts Training

girl beach meditate.jpg
Find Balance &
Stress Release
Young boy training karate. Isolated on w
Strong Body & Improved Fitness  
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Less Social Media & Phone Time

“Charlie was not playing any sports and only thing he did after school was video games.  Wanted him to be more active and build confidence.  It has been so positive for our son.  He is a different young man and we cannot say enough about the caring and patient instructors at Seung-ni. ”

Amber & Ted M., Charlies' Parents

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“As a junior thinking about which college she wants to attend, I went into Mom mode and wanted to get her real self defense training.  Natalie enjoys the Teen Martial Arts Program immensely.  She has made a ton of friends, looks forward to the classes and I like knowing she is learning how to protect herself."

Kara B., Natalie's Mom

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“My youngest son Zach had played lots of sports growing up but never found his passion. He had always talked about Karate.  Seung-ni was a perfect fit for my kid. I love watching the great pride he takes in practicing his martial arts techniques and skills.  His dedication to his school work has also improved. ”

Robert T., Zach's Dad


1. How long are the classes?  The Teen Taekwondo Classes are 50 minutes. 

2. Will martial arts training make my son or daughter aggressive?  Just the opposite is true.  Here, young adults learn how to be kind, polite and patient.  And, that martial art techniques are never to be used in anger but only a tool to build their bodies and for self defense.

3. Can my teenager be successful in martial arts even if they are not very athletic?  Yes, most definitely.   Martial arts is a great opportunity for those who just never clicked in team sports.  Martial arts develops many of the underlying components of athleticism like coordination, balance and agility thus creating new physical skills and confidence.

4. How old does my child have to be to start Teen Taekwondo?  The class is generally for students ages 13 to 17. 

5. When are Teen TKD Classes Held? 

Tuesday   7:00-7:50pm

Thursday 7:00-7:50pm

Saturday  11:50-12:40pm

free introductory lesson offer...


Are you ready to see what martial arts can do for your teenager?

Awesome ... So what happens next?

1. Fill out the info form below or just give us a quick call at 932-4300.

2. One of our instructors will get back with you and schedule a FREE (100% No Obligation) 30 minute individual lesson at a time that works good for your family.

3. We know it can sometimes be intimidating to come into a new environment and we want them to get off to a confident start.  In the Intro Lesson they will receive a free Taekwondo uniform ($35 value) to train in so they do not have to bring any special gear or workout clothing.

4. During their 1st lesson the patient black belt instructor will also give them a tour of the Academy, show them how to tie their belt, cover the traditional etiquette of bowing on and off the training floor and teach them four or five fundamental Taekwondo techniques. This is a perfect way to learn about the program, ask questions, watch the instructor interact with your son or daughter and determine whether Taekwondo is the right fit for them. 

Teen TKD Anchor

To schedule a free introductory session or to get more info please submit the form below. 

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