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  Building Little Ninjas Today To Become Strong Leaders Tomorrow 

little ninjas

● Our Little Ninjas program is a detailed curriculum designed specifically to improve preschool-age children’s basic motor and listening skills.  These skills will help them become better students at school, better listeners at home and help them to enter society with greater confidence.


● Little Ninjas learn to say “yes sir” and “yes ma’am”, they learn to look adults in the eyes when speaking and are taught the importance of good manners, focus and self-control all in a fun, positive learning environment. 


● The patient black belt instructors utilize imaginative games like “jump the dragon tail” (where little ninjas dodge, evade and block a colored pool noodle) and the “ninja jungle walk” (students try and walk across a path of bubble wrap paper trying not to pop the bubbles) to keep the students captivated.  These fun martial art drills help to build strong hand-eye coordination, balance, agility and timing in the young athletes. 


● The ninjas stay super motivated by earning new belts, stickers and trophies.  Students start out with a white belt and at the end of each 30 minute class when they do a good job in class they earn a recognition stripe on the tip of their belt.  That is their short term goal.  This reaffirms the lesson that their behavior and attitude has consequences.  When they accumulate enough belt stripes they are awarded a new belt (their long term goal) and we do a special ceremony for them – which builds tremendous confidence.      


● These young martial artists, in addition, learn powerful personal development skills like “whining gets you nothings”, the rules of sharing, personal responsibility (e.g., you get a toy out - you put the toy away) and that they need only to be told to do something "once" by a parent.   

3 Great Benefits of Little Ninjas Class

Traverse City Martial Arts



Traverse City Martial Arts for kids



Traverse City Martial Arts for kids


Traverse City Martial Arts Kid

"Our 3 1/2 year old has a ton of energy.  Little Ninjas class has been so positive for him.  His preschool teacher even told me that she has seen improvement in both his focus and self control since starting martial arts.  We are so glad we found the Seung-ni Academy for our little guy!"


Claire M., Blake's Mom

Traverse City Child Martial Arts

"RJ was always so shy and insecure.  Wanted him to gain confidence and be well prepared for Kindergarten.  Little Ninjas has been wonderful on so many level. Sometimes I just sit and watch class with such a huge 'mom smile' thinking about how far he has come."  


Sydney F., RJ's Mom  

Traverse City Child Martial Arts

"My daughter Peyton is really enjoying Ninja class. She was super excited when she earned her first belt -- huge self esteem boost!  The classes are fast paced and fun.  And, we have noticed that she whines less and is far more patient with her siblings."  


Brian R., Peyton's Dad