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Developing Little Martial Artists Equipped With Powerful Life Skills To Excel At Home, School & Everywhere... 

● Little Dragons (for ages 5 & 6) at the Seung-ni Academy focuses on both the physical and the mental.  On the physical side, which the kids love so much, we incorporate a lot of gross and fine motor skills, agility, balance, control and timing drills.  We use a ton of imagination with these Taekwondo games to make it exciting for the kids.  With agility courses, martial arts relays and ninja warrior obstacles -- it is also a fantastic way to burn off all that extra energy in a positive way. 

● On the mental side, which the parents really appreciate, we focus on four key areas: 1) Listening; 2) Self Control; 3) Respect and 4) Building Confidence. We challenge them in a fun and positive environment.  Instilling these essential life skills is one of the primary aims of the Little Dragons class.

●Near the end of each class, we always pull the Dragons together in a circle to cover a different personal development skill. For example, we have a saying that all the students learn "whining gets you nothing."  We will also cover such areas as "parents should only have to ask them once to do something" and the rules of respecting personal space.

● The Dragons who wear a sharp white uniform with a big purple and green dragon on the back - earn new belts, patches and trophies for demonstrating their skills on promotion tests and competing at tournaments.  Learning, practicing and achieving their goals builds tremendous self esteem.

● The Little Dragons learn and practice the powerful Rules of Focus – Focus your Eyes (look at the teacher or adult in the eyes); Focus your Ears (listen to the speaker); Focus your Mind (think about what is being said to them); and Focus your Body (to keep their body still so that their eyes, ears and mind can work).  Helping them to be stronger listeners at home and for academics.

● During bully defense training they learn how to positively stop aggression without violence and to use their body language, voice, brain and confidence to stop bullies.

● And rest assured, along with all the very focused life skills and martial art skills learning we always make time in each class for equally important fun, smiles and laughter. 

Traverse City Martial Arts Kid

“Ben was getting bullied at school.  And, as a single parent I was at a loss.  After just a couple of Dragon classes I noticed a huge difference in my son.  He learned how to stand up for himself and to have a strong presence and voice.”

Allison R., Ben's Mom

Traverse City Taekwondo Girl doing kick

“We were looking for a fun physical activity for our 6 year old daughter Elle.  She has never been very athletic and not a real team sport kid.  Little Dragons has been so good for her.  They challenge her just the right amount.  And, she comes out of class beaming."

Bill & Suzy G., Elle's Parents

Traverse City Karate Kid Bowing

“I was so impressed with how the instructor was able to get Tommy out on the floor and having fun within minutes. And, the life lessons they instill about not giving up, making eye contact and obeying the first time they are asked to do something are invaluable.”

Stan C., Tommy's Dad

3 Benefits Little Dragons Get From Martial Arts Class

Traverse City Little Dragon Listening



Traverse City Martial Arts Girl



Traverse City Martial Artist push-ups