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Adult Taekwondo

Reaching back over 2,000 years - the traditional Korean self defense discipline utilizes a complete system of powerful kicks, hand strikes, blocks, footwork, pressure point techniques and meditation to create a balanced & prepared martial artist. 

Taekwondo at Seung-ni

Taekwondo training at the Seung-ni Academy is positive, fun and rewarding. From the crisp white uniforms to bowing as you enter and leave the tatami training mats - the traditional and respectful environment is the proper setting for learning the art. The Taekwondo training curriculum is uniquely designed for students of all levels and ability to progress at their own pace. And, the patient instructors take pride in personally helping each and every student reach their full potential.      



"I have made so many great friends at Seung-ni.  It makes me want to never miss a workout.  And, although I signed up originally for Taekwondo just to get in shape and get rid of stress by kicking a bag .... the self defense moves I have learned in only a short time are powerful and have given me a lot of confidence."

—  Chris C., Traverse City

Life Benefits of Taekwondo Training



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Will I get hurt doing Taekwondo training? Taekwondo is a very safe physical activity and we place great care in keeping you free from injury.  We guide you through the correct way to perform each technique and how to stretch properly.  And, most importantly every student goes at their own pace that way you do not force your body to do anything that it is not ready for.      

Do I have to be athletic or flexible to start Taekwondo? Not at all!  Just the opposite is true, many of our students began Taekwondo to improve their fitness, lose weight and get in great shape.  So if you are not athletic already -- do not worry or let that stop you -- we will help you get there.  

When are the Adult TKD Classes Taught?

Monday 6:30-7:20pm

Wednesday 6:10-7:00pm

What are membership prices?

- The 1 training day a week program is $77 / month

- The 2 training days a week program is $97 / month 

Is Taekwondo aggressive? First and foremost Taekwondo is a self defense art form. People who train in Taekwondo do not start fights ... they are the individuals that seek to avoid violence. But if a fight does occur, they are properly prepared to defend themselves.  


Free Introductory Lesson Offer

Ready to take that first step in your martial arts journey today?  

Cool, so what happens next???

1. Just fill out the info form below or give us a quick call at 932-4300.

2. One of our instructors will email or call you to schedule your FREE Introductory Taekwondo lesson.

3. You will receive a free Taekwondo uniform ($35.00 value) to train in so you do not have to bring any special gear or workout clothing with you.   

4. This is a perfect way to learn about the program, see our training facility, meet the black belt instructors, ask questions and see if Taekwondo is great fit for you.

Adult TKD Anchor

To schedule a free introductory session or to get more info please submit the form below. 

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