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Competition Taekwondo is the right choice for your child

Finding the right extra-curricular activity for your child can be a challenge. Many kids in Traverse City opt for seasonal sports such as soccer, softball, swimming, or other similar activities. Many of these are tied to schools or only run for a limited time of the year which limits the amount of time a child can enjoy their activity and better themselves in it. These sports are also focused on being just a sport and may not provide any other benefits aside from being something to entertain. Taekwondo does not suffer from these issues, however, and is an excellent choice for any boy or girl looking for a sport to pursue.

Taekwondo is a great choice when selecting a sport to pursue. It is practiced and competed in worldwide and is an official sport in the Olympics. Training in Taekwondo is a year-round sport; there is never a downtime where an athlete has nothing to do or must look elsewhere for ways to stay in competing shape. There is always a Taekwondo class to attend and always an instructor eager to help an athlete get better.

Another reason why Taekwondo is the sport to choose is because it provides a skill to the practitioners; the ability to defend themselves. Few other sports can provide a valuable skill to take outside the sport. Taekwondo as a sport of course has it's kicks and punches changed for competition, but practitioners learn them first as tools to ward off would be attackers. After all, a sport Taekwondo match is still a fight and those in the ring must know how to fight.

Perhaps one of the bigger draws for parents choosing Taekwondo as a sport for their child is that, as a martial art, it enforces discipline. Competitors train, get better, earn belts, and progress through the ranks of the art just as any other martial artist would. One of does Taekwondo as a sport must still do Taekwondo as the art form. Instructors and coaches teach discipline, focus, respect, and students respond with "yes, sir/ma'am!". A team practice for the sport of Taekwondo looks only slightly different than a traditional Taekwondo class.

In closing, Taekwondo as a sport is an amazing choice for young kids or teens alike. There is never any downtime and the athletes learn not only self defense but also discipline and focus. This is because a Taekwondo athlete isn't just a person who goes to practice but rather it is because a Taekwondo athlete becomes a martial artist all the time whether on or off the mats.

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