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Martial Arts Program

Offering the perfect blend of Fitness, Self Defense and Fun thru Traditional Martial Arts Training to Homeschool Families across the Greater Traverse City Area.

The studio shot of group of kids trainin
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● The Seung-ni Traverse City Homeschool Program (for ages 3-12) is centered on creating young martial artists with a powerful mind and body.

● The students will have a blast in class as they take on challenging obstacle courses to board breaking & kicking bag drills to push-ups contests.  While burning off all that extra energy they will gain functional strength, flexibility and key athletic agility.   

● Acquiring Vital Self Protection Skills from the three martial arts of  Taekwondo, Hapkido and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu -- the homeschool martial arts kids will build tremendous self confidence.  In addition, they will learn how to stand up for themselves while also being instilled with the ability of how to effectively avoid physical conflict.    

● Respect, Self Control and Perseverance are key life skills reinforced in the program.  But in between the important character lessons and exciting physical challenges the patient and encouraging black belt instructors always make sure there is plenty of time for good old fashion FUN and SMILES.

3 Great Classes To Pick From

Little Ninjas (Ages 3-4)

  Building Little Ninjas Today To Become Strong Leaders Tomorrow 

Mondays           9:30 - 10:00am

Wednesdays     9:30 - 10:00am

Little Dragons (Ages 5-6)

Developing Little Martial Artists Equipped With Powerful Life Skills To Excel At Home, School & Everywhere

Mondays           10:10 - 10:50am

Wednesdays     10:10 - 10:50am

flying side kick kid.jpg
Child TKD (Ages 7-12)

Empowering Amazing Kids To Become Focused, Respectful & Confident 

Peaceful Warriors

Mondays           11:00 - 11:50am

Wednesdays     11:00 - 11:50am

Two children athletes martial art taekwo

free intro lesson offer

Are you ready to see what our Homeschool Martial Arts Class can do for your son, daughter or grandchild?

Great ... So what happens next?

1. Fill out the info form below or just give us a quick call at 932-4300.

2. One of our instructors will get back with you and schedule a FREE (100% No Obligation) 30 minute private lesson at a time that works good for you.

3. We know it can sometimes be intimidating to come into a new environment and we want students to get off to a confident start.  In the Intro Lesson we give the young students a tour of the academy, have them try on free uniform to keep ($35 value) and then have them come out on the training floor to do a lesson with one of our patient black belt instructors. We cover the rules of the training (bowing, respect, etc.) and let them practice some of the cool techniques they would learn in class and have them kick on the bags and pads. 

4. The Intro Lesson is a great way for new students to get comfortable with the environment, get to know their teachers and it allows parents an opportunity to see the way we teach and interact with their children - and decide if this is the right program for their family.

Homeschool Anchor

To schedule a free introductory session or to get more info please submit the form below. 

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