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Traverse City Kids Karate ... Kick Your Child's Learning Into High Gear This Year

Traverse City Kids Karate Is Not What You Think

Gone are the days of karate schools stuck in the basement of a run down old building on the bad side of town. Traverse City based Karate for kids programs are cutting edge in how they teach not only self defense but life skills to northern Michigan area children. Traverse City Karate schools are located in clean, bright facilities and are family friendly. And, martial arts is regarded as one of the very best activities, sports or disciplines that a young person can engage in.

Kids Living In Traverse City Should Try Karate Lessons

Children will often get excited about karate but are sometimes too nervous or anxious to try it out. This lack of confidence and presence is exactly why they should be enrolled. Most karate schools that offer child classes around Traverse City offer a free introductory program for kids to come try before you buy. Meeting the master instructor, seeing the facility, making friends with fellow classmates, experiencing a class environment and actually getting to kick & punch is invaluable. Over 97% of the children who try out classes at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy located on three mile road in Traverse City end up enrolling as full time students.

Karate Teaches Traverse City Kids Many Life Skills

Korean Karate (also known as Taekwondo) is a great martial art for kids. At the Seung-ni Academy young children start as young as age 3 & 4 with Little Ninjas, Little Dragons for ages 5 & 6, Beginning Child ages 7-12, and Teen for ages 13 and up. Karate offers so many valuable skills to Traverse City kids:

  1. Instilling Life Long Fitness - Young karate students learn that regular exercising is a key to finding balance and a healthy life.

  2. Discipline - Karate instills the concept into young Traverse City youths that you have to be mentally strong to be successful.

  3. Respect - All the students at the Seung-ni Academy are taught the 3 Rules of Respect, including that respecting parents is done through obedience.

  4. Self Defense - Karate helps young kids learn that no one has the right to bully or pick on them.

  5. Patience - Karate is old and it takes a long time to earn a black belt. This counters the current message in society of wanting new stuff all the time.

  6. Confidence - Kids in karate above all else seem to have a unique confidence about them. This is confidence comes from working at -- and achieving challenging goals (such as a black belt)

Karate Does Not Teach Or Lead To Violence

Often times, Master Dan Hall (a 4th Degree Black Belt) will hear that a parent is reluctant to put a child in Karate in Traverse City for fear that they will misuse their skills. This never happens though ... just the opposite occurs. Karate and its powerful kicks and punches are tools and taught as such. Karate Kids realize that these tools are only meant to be used in self defense when no other opportunity to avoid violence is present. Kids who take karate lesson are far less aggressive then their peers in other sports like football or hockey.

The Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy is currently enrolling new students for the Fall. If you live around Traverse City and would like your son or daughter to try a martial arts class please check out Seung-ni on line at or call 231-932-4300.

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