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Traverse City Cardio Kickboxing - Two best kicks two practice on the bag to sculpt long lean sexy le

Cardio Kickboxing is a fantastic workout. It can burn over 800 calories an hour. In Traverse City at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy & Fit Club the cardio kickboxing classes utilize specialized striking bags. These professional kickboxing bags are great because they offer just the right amount of resistance to the striking techniques utilized at the Seung-ni Traverse City Fitness Studio (kicks, knees, elbows and punches).

When hitting a bag you will notice it takes more effort, you get more fatigued, you sweat more, you can feel your muscles more -- in other words you get more results. The Traverse City cardio kickboxing students at Seung-ni will come off the training floor following a 55 minute class with a smile, sweaty and spent. Although there are a lot of good kicks you can do in cardio kickboxing, two of the very best for gettting those sexy sculpted legs and butt are front kick and back kick:

  1. Front Kick - In Traverse City at the Seung-ni studio the instructors' skills are based in real martial arts training. Therefore the cardio kickboxing students learn properly how to do the skills safely and effectively. The front kick is where you chamber (lift) your knee and strike out with your foot hitting the bag wiast high with the ball of your foot. This cardio kickboxing technique works the hip flexors, abs, quads, calves and glutes beautifully. Doing sets of 30, 60 or even a 100 or more will help tone those legs in a hurry.

  2. Back Kick - No cardio kickboxing class would be complete at the Traverse City Seung-ni without blasting out some back kicks. This powerful martial art skill has the student facing away from the bag, picking up their foot and driving straight back into the bag with their heel making contact. Not only for self defense and board breaking - this kick will focus on those hard to reach muscles of the hamstring, glutes and hips. If you want a round, muscular booty then this cardio kickboxing move is for you.

Traverse City men, women and teens taking the cardio kickboxing group fitness classes at the Seung-ni Studio rave that it is their favorite class. The instructors are fun and motivating. The lastest music keeps you going. Friends training right next to you keeps its energized. And, front kicks and back kicks will transform yours legs into sculpted works of art!

Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy & Fit Club located on 3 Mile Road in Traverse City offers group fitness and cardio kickboxing classes at 5:30am classes, 9:30am classes, evening classes and on weekends. If you would like to try a cardio kickboxing class just call 231.932.4300 for a FREE Introductory One Week Special Offer.


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