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Time to earn that karate black belt???

You have thought about it enough, its time to get going and earn your black belt in karate. Your Bucket list? A karate black belt is on many people's bucket list. And it is readily achievable with focus, determination and sacrifice. Regardless of your age, if you have ever thought about earning a karate black belt -- then maybe the time for thinking has past and it is time for action. Black Belt Action!

Before setting forth how relatively easy it is to begin your journey to black belt in the martial science of Karate -- lets first take a few moments to lay out the positive life skills and side effects of earning such a rank in karate.

First, black is a very slimming color. In other words, those who train for and eventually have the honor of wearing a black belt around their waist are fit. Being black belt fit is cool, fun and has life long paybacks. Karate training is physically intense and will push a martial artist. But, some of those who are out of shape use this as an excuse to delay starting. This is wrong. Instead, beginning karate should be the catalyst for stoking your metabolism, sharpening your diet and becoming strong, limber and lithe.

Second, before you step into a martial arts class for the first time you have butterflies in your stomach because of the anticipation and the unknowing of whats to come. Before your first belt exam you probably have butterflies due to your want to do well. As you prepare to compete in your first karate tournament your stomach is probably tingling with butterflies. As you bow on the mats to begin your black belt test no doubt the butterflies are back. A wise man once said -- the only times in life that you truly experience life is generally from an experience in which you had butterflies in your stomach.

Third, the world is not what it once was. Personal boundaries and respect have ebbed. From road rage to social media bullying to stalking the environment is more acrimonious and aggressive than ever. Those violations of physical space and privacy that you never would have thought of decades ago are now common place. The skill to defend yourself to think tactically under a stressful environment to have the ability to disarm and deescalate a violent encounter is not only priceless it almost seems mandatory in today's society. A Karate Black Belt is prepared for the real world.

Fourth, Karate and martial arts instills a sense of patience and humility that is unrivaled from any other physical discipline. Belts, especially black belts are not earned at the drop of the hat. They are earned over time, and in many cases a long time. A black belt martial artist is carved and chiseled out of stone. It is precise and time staking and requires dedication to the pursuit of perfecting something that cannot be perfected. Black Belts are patient because the only way to earn one is to become that.

Too late? Never! A bucket list item is that thing you want to achieve in your life. It is a goal that helps to give meaning and purpose to your life. A Black Belt is tangible and real and powerful. The Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy routinely welcomes new students into the black belt training program who are well into their 50's and 60's (and those in their 70's and above are usually pursuing excellence in the acclaimed Seung-ni Tai Chi program). Regardless of your age -- when you are ready to take that first step towards Black Belt -- take the risk and call your local dojo today.

If you happen to reside in Northern Michigan and would like a private introductory class with call the Seung-ni Academy at 231-932-4300.

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