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How Martial Arts Can Change Your Life...

Martial arts can have profound impact on an individual's life. Martial arts can build confidence for someone struggling with self esteem. Martial arts can transform your body from soft and weak to hard and strong. Martial arts can give focus, purpose and discipline to a person who is wandering with no real direction or goal. Martial arts can give a victim the strength to overcome a violent incident. Martial arts has and will continue to transform the lives of so many that it touches.

Martial arts is ancient. Arts like Karate, Kung Fu, Judo are traditional and ancient. They are steeped in etiquette and formalities. Martial arts challenge those new to the discipline with pushing themselves mentally and physically outside their comfort zone. Martial arts are also very welcoming to beginners because those who love martial arts are passionate to share their knowledge and experience with others.

How to start is maybe where this article should start. First, seek to find a martial arts training facility that you will feel comfortable at. Speak with friends, family and coworkers who have themselves or had a family member train and get feedback and references. Next, do your research. Go online, read reviews, visit the various martial arts facilities, speak in person with the instructors and take and introductory lesson. Consider price, cleanliness, the priorities of the curriculum and go with your gut on which place you think is right for you.

After selecting your martial arts school it is time to empty your cup as Bruce Lee is famous for saying. But he was right. Do not start your journey in martial arts with preconceived ideas about how fast you should advance, what you should be learning, how the training should proceed, what belt you should be -- instead train hard in your chosen martial art and enjoy the process, the journey of martial arts. There is an old adage in martial arts -- you are your own nemesis. It is often true, let your journey unfold and pour yourself into your training but do not undermine your efforts or your mental state by false timelines and deadlines.

Finally, the beauty of martial arts lies in the truth that you only get out of it what you put into it. It is not a team endeavor. As with much of life, it is a solo undertaking. In your martial arts academy you will train with other like minded people who share your zest and values and dreams but you alone walk your path. So to change your life via martial arts you need to give your very best. If your goal is to get in peak physical conditioning thru your martial arts training then make your shall a must as Anthony Robbins like to say.

The best day to plant a tree is yesterday...So begin your martial arts journey today and wait no longer grasshopper...

Master Dan Hall is a 4th Degree Black Belt at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy in Traverse City, Michigan. The Seung-ni Academy offers instruction for ages 3 to 103 and offers classes in Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Tai Chi and Kickboxing. You can reach Master Hall at 231.932.4300 or check out Seung-ni at their website

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