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Traverse City Self Defense Training

Traverse City kids, teens and adults are doing self training more and more. Traverse City residents want to learn to how to protect themselves and their families and martial arts is the best self defense training available for all ages. The Korean martial art of Taekwondo, the Brazilian martial art Jiu-jitsu and the American martial art of Kickboxing each offer unique self defense life skills for Traverse City based individuals. Stay alert, stay safe and get working on Self Defense training today.

Self Defense training incorporates a lot of different areas:

1) Hand to Hand Combat - Taekwondo and Kickboxing are awesome martial arts for learning how to defend yourself from a single or multiple attackers. Taekwondo with its powerful body kicks and simple strategy allows a trained martial artist to fend off a much larger aggressor. And, Kickboxing with its devastating leg kicks and tactical punching combos makes it great for stopping a street thug.

2) Ground Defense - Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is world famous for it real life street defense skill of protection on the ground. BJJ enable smaller martial artists the requisite skill and confidence to stop an attacker when the fight goes to the ground. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a complete martial art self defense system.

3) Fitness - Strength, core strength and cardio are key elements of self defense. Traverse City kids, teens and adults who want to learn to defense themselves must not only learn martial arts techniques but they must also have the necessary physical skills of strength and stamina so they can perform under self defense conditions.

4) Awareness - Martial art classes are great for self defense because in addition to teaching what to do they also instill in the martial artists of how to detect, avoid and de-escalate threats of a violent nature. For example, a young Traverse City area high school student should be aware of the potential threats that can arise when driving to a part time job, going on a date or maybe jogging along a nature trail. Martial arts training drives home these potentially vulnerable scenarios and keeps the self defense students sharp and aware.

5) Weapons - Most martial arts are empty handed forms of self defense training. But at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy in Traverse City, Michigan, students also learn not only how to take away weapons such as guns, knives and clubs, but they are also taught how to wield these weapons and how to be resourceful under pressure. For instance, in a recent Women's Self Defense Seminar, the attendees were instructed that in a self defense encounter if there is a window or mirror close by that they should attempt to break it with their shoes and then use the shards of glass as a make shift knife.

Self defense for Traverse City residents is becoming a priority. And, martial arts classes with its focus on real life self defense, like that at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy on 3 Mile in Traverse City are equipping Traverse City children, teens and adults with the essential skills of self defense.

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