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Taekwondo - Is Self Defense Korean Style Being Done Right Here In Traverse City

Self Defense is something we all want to know. We want self defense skills for our children, spouses, family and loved ones. We see stories everyday, be it in Traverse City or on the world news that reinforce why self defense should be a priority in our lives. Self Defense is vital for young ladies heading off to college. Self Defense is a life skill that should be taken seriously but can also be fun to learn and practice.

The most widely practiced self defense martial art is Taekwondo. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art system of dynamic kicks and punches. Taekwondo is an Olympic sport and is highly regarded world wide. Taekwondo students begin as early as age 3 ("Little Ninjas") at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy located in Traverse City, Michigan. Seung-ni has been teaching children martial arts in Traverse City since 2001. Having produced 100's of the finest black belts - Seung-ni places its focus on building character, discipline, empathy and respect along with the impressive martial arts and self defense skills.

Taekwondo is awesome for self defense for many reasons:

1) Taekwondo training builds tremendous core strength and cardio conditioning. A martial artist is very strong and can kick and punch for a long time before getting winded is tough in any self defense arena.

2) Taekwondo sparring is continuous and real. The students of Seung-ni wear full body safety gear for protection but they kick, punch and block with sufficient power so that a real life self defense situation will not be that much different than training.

3) Taekwondo focuses on many powerful kicks. By using the strongest part of your body with the greatest reach a Taekwondo kick to the ribs, legs or face can be a self defense fight ender.

4) Taekwondo instills a strong spirit that will enable any student to put up a strong defense in the face of any attack. The Seung-ni black belts must engage in rigorous training and testing parameters to earn their black belts.

Traverse City residents can reach the Seung-ni Academy by calling 231-932-4300 or on the web at Seung-ni offers a free private introductory martial arts lesson to all residents living around the Traverse City area.

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