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Northern Michigan Teenagers Stay on Track with Martial Arts

The teenage years can be rough; dealing with changes in body, mind, social life, schooling, and more can take a toll on a child. It's not uncommon for them to lose sight of where they were going in life or who they were. It's also common to see teens rebel and bring aggressive attitudes against their guardians. Having a structured extra-curricular activity can help a growing teen deal with these issues. At Traverse City's Seung-Ni Martial Arts we provide a special teen class to teach local teenagers martial arts so they can grow both physichally and mentally.

Traverse City teens are no strangers to downtime. The teenage years will see kids who used to be active and outgoing staying put and rarely moving. Even active teens in Michigan can struggle to enjoy the outside as the summer and winter months are complete opposites. However, martial arts can be done year-round and each class provides plenty of exercise and activity. Students will be kicking bags, punching hand pads, grappling on the mats, and sparring in rings. No teen should feel a lack of physical activity in a Seung-Ni martial art class!

Something that all teenagers will deal with is change. Everything from their school schedule to their own body changes during the teen years and it can be overwhelming. At Seung-Ni, students are taught not only how to kick and punch but how to attack mental obstacles as well; whether it be making a schedule for homework or negotiating time with parents. Speaking of parents; parents of teens can attest that rebellious and hostile attitudes come with the age. The Seung-ni black belt teachers emphasize that while growing is important respecting those who care for you takes precedance. He explains that talking things through with parents first rather than acting first is the better option, allowing both positive communication and growth.

If you or someone you know is/has a teenager in the Northern Michigan area who is interested in martial arts please call Seung-Ni of Traverse City at (231) 932-4300 or visit us at

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