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Kickboxing Provides Year-round and Fun Exercise without Weather Worries

People in Northern Michigan want to be fit, especially in time for the swimsuit season. While the state has a beach season that can draws in crowds of tourists it also has has a long winter season that limits one's choices to get fit. While it is true that there a many gyms in Traverse City, none of them offer dynamic, fun, and professional kickboxing classes. None, except for Seung-Ni Fit Club and Martial Arts Academy.

Seung-Ni offers a variety of fitness classes taught year-round; Northern Michigan weather doesn't stop our classes. Gyms are kept at the perfect temperature and high intensity music is played to keep everyone going at their hardest. Each instructor will offer a wide range of exercises utilizing a variety of equipment. Some exercises will have you working with a partner!

Exercise is usually looked at as a chore, something that people don't want to do but must be done to better oneself. The kickboxing classes at Seung-Ni do not subscribe to this notion; working out with others in a friendly environment is fun! People show up to class excited, not only about the class but about seeing others there as well. Looking into the gym during a kickboxing class you would see a lot of smiles and a lot of sweat. You would even see the instructors smiling; they enjoy leading the class as much as everyone enjoys participating.

While working out at Seung-Ni our members get to work with the best instructors in Traverse City. The Seung-ni Instructors (who are MMA fighters, black belts, Self defense instructors, and certified trainers) develop routines that are effective, engaging, and exciting! They take time to not only make sure their classes are going great but to also interact with everyone outside of class to answer questions, provide encouragement, or just have a friendly conversation with.

If you or someone you know in the Northern Michigan areas is interested in trying a kickboxing class or a martial arts class please contact Seung-Ni Traverse City at (231) 932-4300 or find us at our website at

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