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Traverse City Martial Arts - Its Time You Gave It A Try

Traverse City Martial Arts Is So Popular For All The Right Reasons

  • Get fit in the new year.

  • Eating healthy.

  • Finding balance and reducing stress.

  • Gain confidence and learn self defense

  • Train in a positive environment

Traverse City martial arts has never been more popular than right now in 2014. Adults, teens, kids and toddlers are training in Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Karate, Mixed Martial Arts, Kung Fu and countless other martial arts in Northern Michigan like never before. Martial arts is popular because it has so much to offer Traverse City residents.

Martial Arts Many Physical Benefits

Martial arts like Taekwondo (or Korean Karate as it is often called) and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu the 2 main sytles of martial arts taught at the Seung-ni Studio in Traverse City are on the cutting edge of popularity -- not just in Northern Michigan but world wide. In fact, Taekwondo is the most widely practiced martial in the world and has been for decades. And, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or bjj is the martial art gaining the most new practioneers over the last 10 years. The Seung-ni Studio located on 3 Mile Road in Traverse City, Michigan teaches these 2 styles which are popular because of the countless physical elements:

  • Core Strengthening

  • All Over Flexibility

  • Cardio Conditioning

  • Functional Power

  • Explosive Movement

Seung-ni instructors also notice that many young, high school and even college athletes are training in martial arts as a form of cross training to increase their physical prowess in a particular sport be it from motor cross to skiing and football to soccer.

Martial Arts Also Helps Traverse City Area Residents With Mental Benefits

Karate and other martial arts helps those mentally who practice in so many ways. Taekwondo forms teach focus and discipline. Karate sparring instills grit and perseverance. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu helps martial artists learn humility and empathy. In addition, Traverse City parents know first hand that martial arts helps their young children learn about respecting parents and adults. At the Seung-ni Academy in Traverse City, young students in Little Ninjas and Little Dragons are taught that their number one job in life is to make their parents happy. And, that this is accomplished by not whinning and doing as they are told the first time. With the world becoming even more disconnected with advances in technology -- martial arts is cool because its real and teaches people the almost lost art of how to interact positively with other humans.

Traverse City Martial Arts Offers Real Life Self Defense Skills

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or bjj is taught at the police academies and in all branches of the military. Traverse City teens and adults who learn brazilian jit-jitsu at the Seung-ni Academy remark about how confident they feel in their ability to fend off and or avoid a violent attack:

  • James (32 year old accountant) - "Seung-ni bjj has given me street skills I can count on..."

  • Caroline (26 year old graduate student) -"I came to one of the women defense seminars put on at Seung-ni. And, because I felt so strong after the 2 hour program I knew I wanted to learn more..."

  • Robert (47 year old business owner) - "Martial arts gives me the confidence to take care of myself and my family..."

  • Martha (22 year old nurse) - "I often have to go into people's home as part of my job and the martial arts skills I have mastered at Seung-ni are invaluable for giving me peace of mind..."

The Seung-ni Academy located at 965 Industrial Circle on Three Mile Road has great fun classes for families and students of all ages. If you or someone in your family live around the Traverse City area and would like to come experience martial arts firsthand and witness all the benefits ... please give the Academy a call at 932-4300 or check them out on the web at

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