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Kickboxing, Kickboxing, Kickboxing - What is all the buzz about in Traverse City

Sweat. Effort. Pushing the limits. Results. Fun. Challenging. Rewarding. These are the words that come out of the mouth of kickboxing clients at the Seung-ni Gym in Traverse City, Mighigan.

Your workout should be a blast - Kickboxing kicks your fitness training into high gear and leaves a tired smile on your face

Gone are the days of treadmills and boring exercises on rigid weight machines. Kickboxing at the Seung-ni Gym in Traverse City is all about getting fit and having fun. It is true you can have both. If your workout is stale and boring you will not stick with it long and then will not get the change in your body that you want. Traverse City Kickboxing at Seung-ni is never dull.

Traverse City Kickboxing is fun and effective on so many levels

Kickboxing is a unique combination of martial arts and fitness that will carve your abs and tone your muscles like no other gym class. Here are the reasons why kickboxing is the top dog at the gym...

  1. Instructor led - every class at the Traverse City gym is taught by a kickboxing instructor who knows their art and can't wait to kick your...

  2. Friendly - all the other kickboxing students in class always come up and welcome a new member trying it out at the Traverse City gym.

  3. Affordable - unlimited classes in kickboxing are only $45.00/month.

  4. Effective - kickboxing shreds your core, ripples your shoulders and defines your quads and glutes.

  5. Cardio beast - over 800 calories an hour. No other fitness class can touch kickboxing.

  6. Martial arts based - all the kickboxing kicks, punches and blocks are based in real martial arts. No pretend here. Like getting ready for a kickboxing match...just you don't get hit!

  7. Fun - above all the kickboxing classes at the Traverse City fitness gym are fun. Many clients at Seung-ni say its the best hour of their day.

Kickboxing May Be right for YOU!!!

If you live in northern Michigan around the Traverse City area and would like to try a new type of workout. If you want to change your body and have fun doing it. If you have always wanted to try kickboxing and are ready now - then give the Seung-ni Gym a call at 231-932-4300 or look them up on the web at They have a flexible class schedule and offer a free introductory program to try the kickboxing classes and see if it is the right fit for you.

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