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Traverse City Karate Is Super Activity For Back To School Kids

Traverse City Karate is the best extracurricular activity to help your child get the new school year off to a great start. Confidence, fitness, leadership, focus, respect - these are just some of the many benefits of Karate training that your son or daughter will benefit from.

New School Year -- Time To Give Karate A Try For Traverse City Kids

Parents are always searching for the right activity. Search no more. Karate is most likely the answer for Traverse City kids. A new school year brings new anxiety, new excitement, new challenges and new areas of improvement. Karate classes in Traverse City provide so many different areas of helping a youngster.

  1. Confidence - Karate instills Traverse City kids with unshakeable self esteem so they have the ability to take on new projects and face up to social pressures.

  2. Fitness - Kids are not nearly as fit as they should be in Traverse City. Some schools only have gym classes a couple times a week. Karate classes are full of cardio and strength conditioning exercises. Karate Kids get fit without even knowing it because they are having so much fun.

  3. Respect - Obeying parents and following the directions of teachers are key life skills. Martial arts classes taught at the Seung-ni Academy in Traverse City for instance emphasize in teaching Karate how important it is to respect your elders and teachers.

  4. Focus - The ability to work at a task for a long enough period of time without distraction is a vital skill that less and less young boys and girls have seem to have mastered. Karate demands focus and shows kids in Traverse City that they can stay on task and accomplish their goals.

  5. Bully Prevention - Children at the Seung-ni Traverse City Studio are not taught to fight but instead how to use their brain, voice, energy and body languange to lower aggression and avoid a physical confrontation when ever possible. The karate kicks and punches they learn are special skills for last resort only.

Team Sports In Traverse City Are Not Always Right For Every Child

Traverse City Karate is not a team sport like soccer, football, softball or volleyball. Those sports are good for some kids, but not all. Some students are not team sport kids. Some are not super competitive or aggressive. Some children are not the star athlete and often fall through cracks on sport teams. But, at the Seung-ni Martial Arts School in Traverse City -- Karate Kids of all ages, starting with Little Ninjas (3-4 year olds), Little Dragons (5-6 year olds), Child Karate (7-12) and Teen Karate (13-17), find the right fit for them. In martial arts classes, kids are not left behind, those that need the most assistance and help get it. And, with learning a foreign language, learning a foreign culture, learning a life long discipline -- Karate helps to give these Traverse City a special identity all their own.

Kids Who Try Karate Usually Love It

Often a child is excited to experience martial arts but is not sure what it is all about. At the Traverse City Seung-ni Academy a child can come try out Karate classes and see what it is all about. After their very first lesson, most if not all the Traverse City area kids can't wait to get started. At Seung-ni Martial Arts, these introductory lessons are free and have no obligation. The kids get a new karate uniform, get an opportunity to earn their first martial arts rank belt and even get to break a wooden board with a karate chop.

If you live in the Traverse City, Michigan area and would like to have your child try a Karate class at the Seung-ni Academy please look them up on the web at or call them at 231-932-4300.

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