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Seung-Ni Academy - The Best Martial Arts In Traverse City

Traverse City's Largest Martial Arts Academy

Seung-Ni is the largest and cleanest academy in all of Traverse City. The academy has over 6,000 sq. feet and offers state of the art saftey flooring system by Zebra Mats. The academy has two seperate training rooms, male and female locker rooms with showers, and a fully stocked pro shop. The Facility is professionaly cleaned and the mats are disinfected daily. No other martial arts academy is as clean as Seun-Ni in the Northern Michigan area!

Most Effective Martial Arts In Traverse City

Seung-Ni Tarverse City teaches Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, two of the most practiced styles in the world. Taekwondo is effective due to its focus on building and making the body stronger. Most stand up styles will adapt your flaws into its system. Taekwondo taeches the student to get stronger, flexible, tougher and develop better cardio. All of these are incredibly valuable in a fight. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is effective because it teaches the student how to use the entire body to defeat a much larger opponent. Bjj relies on taking the opponent to the ground and defeating him using leverage. No other martial arts academy in Traverse City teaches how to defend on the ground. Only at Seung-Ni will a student learn how to become a complete martial artist.

#1 Martial Arts For Kids

Child Taekwondo at Seung-Ni is taught in a positive and energetic way. Each class students will learn high energy kicks and punches and effective bully counter attack moves. They will also learn how to build confidence through setting and achieving goals. Each month students will work on a SWAT activity ( Special Winning Attitude Team). Activities include patience challenge, pride challenge, breaking bad habits and many other self improving skills. At Seung-Ni all students will find a balance between effective martial arts, fun athletic drills, cool jump kicks and character development. By training in Taekwondo students also develop balance, coordination, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning and strong self defense skills.

Seung-Ni Martial Arts is located in Traverse City, MI 965 Industrial Circle ( on 3 mile road between S. Airport & Hammond) Call us to schedule a FREE introductory lesson or fill out the form on our website.

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