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A Traverse City Boxing Workout For Everyone - Seung-ni Kickboxing

The body of a kickboxer in many ways is that ideal lean, muscular, proportional form many men and women in Traverse City seek. Strong arms and shoulders from the bag and mitt work. Sculpted thighs and glutes from the powerful kicks done over and over on the heavy bags. Hard chiseled abs from the core twisting movements of bob and weaving learned to avoid contact. Well, if that is the bod you seek -- wait no longer and come check out Kickboxing classes at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Studio in Traverse City.

Seung-ni Traverse City Kickboxing Is Different...

Many kickboxing classes are taught in carpeted rooms where the only resistance work you get is kicking and punching the thick acrid air. That is not fun! That is the not best workout! That does not inspire! Kickboxing classes at the Seung-ni Traverse City Studio are not like all the others for many reasons:

  1. Kickboxing was inspired by martial arts such as karate, taekwondo and kungfu - so it is only fitting that kickboxing classes should be conducted in a martial arts gym by real martial arts trained instructors.

  2. Kickboxing was meant to be taught with bags and mitts. Boxing training is focused on mitt and heavy bag work. Karate and taekwondo likewise utilizes bags and pads. They help with focus but also give that essential resistance to increase the workout and musclular growth. Traverse City kickboxing classes at Seung-ni incorporates the highest tech training bags and gear in the world.

  3. Traverse Kickboxing should also yield real life self defense skills. The kicks, punches and strikes used in the Seung-ni Kickboxing classes will do an awesome job in slowing or even stopping an attacker or predator. A perfect workout for Traverse City women looking to learn self defense.