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Traverse City Self Defense Training - Martial Arts To The Rescue

In Traverse City, Michigan children, teens, adult women and men are seeking out self defense courses more and more. For kids, the motivation is often being bullied at school. For teens it can be a mixture of bullying as well in anticipation of heading off to jobs and colleges in other bigger cities. For Traverse City women, the mere threat of being in a violent confrontation is often enough to initiate the search for self defense training. And, in adult men the need for confidence so that they can handle a threatening situation if need be. The self defense answer in Traverse City is your local martial arts studio.

Self Defense And Martial Arts Go Hand In Hand in Traverse City

People have been training in martial arts for centuries for the very same reasons set forth above. The desire of humans to be strong and feel strong in this world has and will never change. Martial arts was invented for people to learn how to protect themselves from violence. And, the majority of martial arts are self defense in nature. That is, they begin with the premise that you are being attacked by a big, stronger attacker and you have no weapons and you have to rely on your body and skill to protect yourself. At the Traverse City Seung-ni this principle of strong self reliance is still put into practice as it was intended thousand of years ago. The Seung-ni Traverse City Martial Arts School offers classes for all ages (toddlers, preschool, children, teens and adults). At each level, the specialized trained group of black belt instructors make martial arts easy to learn and more importantly simple to apply in real life. Traverse City students have been training at Seung-ni for over 13 years. Seung-ni Traverse City has trained and promoted more than 100 black belts from as young as age 8 into their 70's.

Certain Traverse City Martial Arts Are Better Suited For Self Defense

All martial arts are great. With that said, not all are equally suited for application into today's modern world. The two best are Taekwondo (or "Korean Karate" as it is often called) and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (a.k.a "BJJ"). Traverse City Seung-ni offers programs in Taekwondo and BJJ for children, teens and adults. Taekwondo is the most widely practiced martial art not just in Traverse City but also the world. Korean Karate is an Olympic Sport and based in Seoul, South Korea at the Kukkiwon Temple. Taekwondo is perfect for Traverse City self defense training because:

  1. Simple - Taekwondo does not have crazy martial art moves that take too long to ever use in real life.

  2. Powerful - Taekwondo relies on the strongest part of your body - your legs for strong kicks.

  3. Fun - Taekwondo is great fun to practice and builds stamina and strength.

  4. Life long - You can continue to practice Taekwondo well into your later years.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is also another superior martial art for those in Traverse City looking to get the edge in self defense training. Created in Brazil about a century ago, BJJ is based primarily in ground defense. The concept behind BJJ is that over 90% of all fights end up on the ground and so you need to be strong in that environment to survive a threat. Spread around the world by the Gracie family, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is one of the more popular classes offered at the Traverse City Seung-ni Studio. BJJ has so many great attributes:

  1. Scientific Based - Brazilian Jiu-jitsu uses leverage and sound principles of energy to allow a smaller person to defend against and defeat a bigger attacker.

  2. Safe - Because their are no strikes, you can train at a high level without risk of injury.

  3. Affordable - Classes in BJJ at the Seung-ni Academy in Traverse City range between $60 - $90 a month

Women's Self Defense and Child Bully Defense Are Critical in Traverse City

Traverse City women and children need the best self defense programs to make sure they always feel safe whether it be walking to their car at the mall or going outside for recess. At the Seung-ni Traverse City Martial Arts School they offer self defense programs for both women and kids. These self defense classes and special seminars are empowering, non-intimidating, encouraging and fun. Seung-ni Instructors take great pride in making sure each and every Traverse City student gets the best training. Seung-ni offers a Free Introductory program so that Traverse City residents can try any self defense martial arts class and see for themselves the Seung-ni difference. Just call 231-932-4300, look them up on the web at

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