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Traverse City Karate Class - Gives Women The Self Defense Edge

Walking alone along the TART trail. Cross country skiing on the VASA. Working late as a Nurse at Munson Hospital and having to walk to your car. Living in Traverse City has so many advantages especially for those who love to be outdoors and active. But, Traverse City women also realize that these same activities they so cherish can leave them exposed. Women's self defense classes are more and more popular in Traverse City for that very reason. And, Karate training offers some of the greatest self defense weapons to women living in the Traverse City area.

Karate Deters Predators With Devastating Kicks

Karate is a great martial art to use as a platform for women's self defense classes. Karate teaches martial arts students how to generate massive power with their legs. Women are strongest in the lower body and karate focuses this power into leg strikes like front kicks, roundhouse kicks and side kicks. And, Traverse City area women are taught to aim these karate kicks to vital spots on the human body. At the Seung-ni Martial Arts Studio - the women self defense students practice their karate kicks on heavy bags and on each other with hand held thick shields for protection.

Karate Makes Traverse City Women Strong

Kicking, punching, knee strikes and elbow attacks done over and over on pads and bags is also a great physical workout. Women Self Defense students of the Seung-ni Studio in Traverse City often comment on the day after their training that there arms, legs and core are sore from the physical workout. A good "sore" from martial arts training that is real functional strength training at its core. This benefit of getting stronger from Karate practice means that the Traverse City women will be better able to protect themselves in a self defense situation.