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Karate Gives Traverse City Kids "Bully Armor"

A push at the bus stop. A shove in the lunch room. An aggressive threat in the locker room. A mean punch on the playground. Bullying is every where these days across the United States and in Traverse City. Bullying does not only hurt a child physically but it also does great damage mentally. There are Traverse City kids that do not want to go to school, do not want to go to recess, do not want to go the lunchroom for fear of bullying. Traverse City kids need a tool, a powerful weapon against bullying, something to make them strong so they can stand up to bullies the right way - they need Karate.

Karate Is Old & Traditional - But Needed Into Today's Modern Society More Than Ever!

Karate is an Asian martial art that helps smaller people learn how to defend themselves from bigger stronger attackers. Karate is empty hand self defense and does not rely on weapons such as a bo staff, nunchucks, sai's, or swords for self defense. Travese City is blessed to have a long tradition of great karate instruction for kids. Karate students wear simple white, unadorned gi's and train in bare feet. Karate teachs a child about respect, discipline, pride and hard work. This aisian martial art also instill in kids that they should never use their self defense to hurt others but only in self defense.

Traverse City Child Karate Students Have Strong Self-Esteem.

The world is mean. Other kids are mean. School can even sometimes tear down a child. Confidence is built from goal realization. You can never buy or give confidence to a child. A kid has to earn it through hard work. A Traverse City kid gets out of Karate what he or she puts into it. Isn't that a great life lesson. In Karate a child has to learn, practice and become adept at numerous self defense skills. Then the young martial artists have to demonstrate these moves before their instructor under pressure to earn rank belts. Each belt and skill earned fills the young self defense warrior with pride. This confidence is key in al