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Martial Arts Black Belts From Traverse City Are Changing The World One Kick And Punch At A Time!

Traverse City Kids Get Excited About Martial Arts In Various Ways...

Young boys and girls wander into the Seung-ni Academy in Traverse City and begin training in Taekwondo for numerous reasons. They may have got excited by a martial arts movie or television show like the Karate Kid or Kicking It. Sometimes they get their passion for martial arts ignited by coming to a class with a friend and trying it out. Some Traverse City area kids learn about the fun of martial arts training by doing it in gym class as Seung-ni Master Instructor Kyle Scott frequently teaches in local elementary schools. And, many seek out Taekwondo classes as a cross training exercise to help them with another sport. Others, learn about Korean Karate (a.k.a Taekwondo) because they are struggling with bullying or focusing in school and are referred by a school counselor or teacher. Lastly, some Northern Michigan kids just have the spirit of a samurai and have always wanted to train in martial arts and finally convince their parents. Regardless of what brought the young white belts to the Academy they all begin the same powerful path to black belt and beyond.

The Journey To Taekwondo Black Belt For A Child Is An Important One

The Beginning Child Taekwondo Class (ages 7 -12) at the Seung-ni Academy is a great place for these new white belts to get off to a great start. The patient, kind and engaging Black Belt Instructors really connect with the new students and help them learn their fundamental kicks, punches and blocks. In addition, the young Taekwondo students learn Korean words and about the culture of Korea. The students advance in belts about every three months as they learn, practice and perform more challenging and powerful skills. The next Bruce Lee and future Chuck Norris' in the making gain great confidence and life skills (focus, self control, respect and pride) as they work up through the Taekwondo belt system that includes 10 color belts.