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Traverse City Kids Karate Classes: Builds Pride

Kids Karate in Traverse City builds pride the right way through hard work, goal realization, dedication and sacrifice. Kids Karate classes are cool because children are doing real things instead of playing on computer. They get to wear real martial arts uniforms in Kids Karate class and are kicking and punching real bags and pads. They earn real Karate belts by demonstrating skills, self defense moves and bully defense techniques. Sparring is real in Kids Karate classes - they get hit with controlled strikes. They learn that they can get hit with a karate kick and a karate punch and still survive. This is big because they will have more grit and confidence in their karate skills in case they are ever attacked by a bully.

Pride, however, is one of the biggest attributes a kid can learn from karate classes. At the Seung-ni Academy in Traverse City where kids learn Korean Karate (a.k.a Taekwondo) the young martial artists learn pride in a number of important ways:

  1. The Karate Kids must keep their karate uniform and karate belt clean and orderly.

  2. Their karate skills must be practiced until almost perfect so they can present them at tests and tournaments.

  3. They must say yes sir to their karate instructors and use good english and speak loud and clear - no mumbling.

  4. They must make their karate kid bodies strong with sit ups, push ups and squats and if they are not strong enough - they go home and practice.

  5. They represent the Karate dojo so they take pride in how they act outside of the Karate school because it reflects on their master.

Kid Karate classes builds pride from its very nature and is a must for every young boy and girl in Traverse City.

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