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Kickboxing Classes in Traverse City Will Kick That Booty Into Shape!

Up to 800 calories an hour. Fun music jamming through the speakers. Hands protected in fighter gloves. Exhilirating bag work and pad training with partners. Friends working hard right next to you. You have started to already see the change in your body when you have stepped out of the shower the last few mornings. 17 days in to your new regiment at the Seung-ni Traverse City Fit Club and you are staying dedicated and seeing results. Kickboxing class on Wednesday evening is rock'n and you just took a water break and are ready for the second half of class.

Kickboxing classes -- one of the main components of the group fitness classes offered at the Traverse City Seung-ni Studio -- is so effective in getting members in great shape for several reasons:

  1. Kickboxing Classes are fun so you members want to keep coming back.

  2. Kickboxing Classes are challenging so your brain is working as hard as your body.

  3. Kickboxing Classes allow you to kick and punch big soft things that makes you get rid of negative energy and with that you feel less stressed.

  4. Kickboxing Classes enable you to make and train with great friends that you have stuff in common with (a.k.a. fitness)

  5. Kickboxing Classes teaches you effective self defense moves that deliver maximum force into a would be attacker.

  6. Kickboxing Classes makes your butt round and legs toned because every kick requires that the big muscles of your lower body work hard.

  7. Kickboxing Classes are never boring!

Would you like to see what Kickboxing Classes can do for you and your booty???Then come check out a kickboxing class at the Traverse City Seung-ni Studio. If you say you saw it on our website you get a free week of unlimited classes and a free pair of kickboxing gloves. Call 231.932.4300 today.


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