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BJJ: Intrapersonal communication

Although BJJ offers many physical and mental benefits, the communication skills which are learned through the group/partner training can be extremely beneficial for every day life. Unlike many other types of physical exercise, Jiu-Jitsu relies heavily on communication and trust in another person. Understanding the communication necessary for quality training reveals the gem of intrapersonal communication in BJJ at Seung-ni martial arts in Traverse City. With safety being the number one priority, each and every student is instructed on the proper techniques so that training is always safe. As improvement is completely based on the ability to work with others and communicate back and forth in uncomfortable situations, the training for Jiu-jitsu is great practice for any person who works in a team environment. As most jobs deal with dialogue daily, BJJ is a highly beneficial class for anyone who is interested in improving not only their fitness, but also their mental strength. At Seung-ni martial arts the staff is highly focused on displaying the importance of successful communication every time students enter the building, and will provide each and every student with an attentive and focused training experience. Being able to communicate is a necessary skill for every day life and in BJJ at Seung-ni martial arts, these skills can be expanded and honed while learning amazing new skills.

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