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Martial Arts Traverse City ... Ready To Start???

Martial arts Traverse City is more of a question isn't it? Martial arts has always been popular in Traverse City. For its size, Traverse City has more martial arts schools than over 92% of other cities equally situated. So I ask again, martial arts Traverse City??? Why is martial arts so popular in northern Michigan. Is it because it builds confidence? Because it is a great way to stay in shape? Due to the self defense skills gained from the martial arts movements and exercises and techniques? How about because it is a wonderful place for kids to learn about respect, discipline and gain a stronger moral compass and how to stand up to bullies, both face to face and on the internet and social media? Or is it because it helps to restore balance to so many who train in martial arts. Well, martial arts Traverse City is a fantastic question -- and I am glad the residents of Traverse City give a resounding yes reply to that answer every day.

Martial arts helps Traverse City residents in enumerable ways. But just for fun lets list as many as we can of its unique benefits:

1. Fitness - Martial arts makes strong bodies of those Traverse City residents who train in the disciplines of Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Kickboxing.

2. Fun - Training in group martial arts classes is fun. An awesome way for people new to the Traverse City area to connect and for their children to make friends.

3. Challenging - Martial arts for many is outside their comfort zone ... so its rigorous training provides Traverse City residents a strong vehicle for growth and enlightenment.

4. Self Protection - Defense against a violent attack is always a sound investment of time, effort and money.

5. Confidence - Traverse City residents earn new belts as they progress in their chosen martial arts and this progress builds tremendous self esteem.

6. Stress Release - One of martial arts hidden benefits is the release of negative energy through combative training.

7. Bullying Defense - Bullies now in the online realm of social media attack children, teens and adults in the Traverse City region with a daily barrage of hate. Martial arts instills those who train with how to positively handle this aggression that comes in any form.

8. Flexibility - To stay limber, lithe and free moving is one of the keys to a healthy happy life. With Traverse City's average demographics older and older every year -- more and more senior citizens are seeking out martial arts for its stretching.

Martial arts Traverse City? A large percentage of your neighbors and friends are saying yes to that question. Maybe you should give it a try and your local neighborhood martial arts academy today.

Dan Hall, is a 4th degree black belt master level instructor certified by the World Taekwondo Federation. Master Dan Hall instructs at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy located on 3 Mile Road in Traverse City, Michigan. If you reside in the Traverse City area and would like to try martial arts then give Master Hall a call at 231.932.4300 today!

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