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A Traverse City Gym For Everyone...

A Traverse City Gym where everyone feels welcome. A Traverse City Gym that works for every fitness level. A Traverse City Gym that inspires and motivates but not intimidate. A Traverse City Gym that keeps workouts fresh, fun and exciting. If you are looking for a Traverse City that fits these criteria -- first you are not alone -- and second you should try a group fitness class at the Seung-ni Fit Club.

Group Fitness has revolutionized how gyms in Traverse City help their clients acheive their fitness goals. Today is the first day of 2016. Everyone wants to improve their health, fitness and weight in a new year. Group fitness classes like Kickboxing, Body Sculpt and Boot Camp offer so much more to members of Traverse City Gyms. The Seung-ni Fit Club located in Traverse City has a full line of instructor led group fitness classes (see schedule) that are just waiting for you to explore in 2016.

Group Fitness works for the following simple reasons:

1) You never get bored. Most Traverse City gyms with their treadmills, rows of form restrictive plate loaded machines and soft back ground music lulls most of the members into a repetitive boring fitness program. Members do the basic exercises and machines they know and after awhile stop gaining the benefit. The Seung-ni Fit Club group fitness classes are different every day. Different movements, different rep counts, different body parts worked -- a Seung-ni member in fact has no idea what they are going to do on any particular workout. Muscle confusion at its finest.

2) Traverse City gyms, in general, do not motivate very well. They may have a poster onthe wall of a fit couple from 10 years ago. But, that does not compare to a knowledgeable instructor encouraging you with the right mix of positive energy and inspiration to help you through those tough spots. Seung-ni instructors don't embarass or put you on the spot -- instead they make you powerful and part of a team or family that cares.

3) Friends!!! Group fitness builds friendships and friendships are one of the biggest motivating factors in people keeping fitness a habit. Traverse City gyms should be a place where you make friends, train with friends and feel just the right amount of guilt if you miss a workout. No other feeling better than walking into a gym in Traverse City and having a group of people excited to see you.

4) Group Fitness works! The workouts are not only not-boring they are challenging. By combining resistance, with cardio and core strength ... group fitness pushes past plateaus like no other workout can. But, because of the unique format at Seung-ni everyone regardless of their fitness levels can hop in and get started today.

Traverse City gyms are here for you. The Seung-ni Fit Club is here to make you the best you can be. Sounds like just a slogan but at Seung-ni we take it serious! Call Seung-ni at 231-932-4300 or look them up on the web at to get started on the new you for 2016 today.

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