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Cardio Kickboxing's Cross Punch - Power, Fun and Fitness

Cardio Kickboxing is fun, develops power and is one of the best group fitness activities for getting in great shape. In Cardio Kickboxing you are taught how to many punches, knees, elbows and kicks. One of the strongest punches a kickboxer practices is a cross punch. From boxer to karate fighter and MMA warrior to kickboxer -- the cross punch delivers a lot of power and easy to learn and fun to practice.

First, a kickboxing athelete would get into a traditional boxer's stance. Dominant leg back slightly, shoulders turned, fists up and chin down. Power for the cross punch originates from the kickboxer's core. Rotation of the hips toward the intended target is key for developing this impressive power. To begin, a cardio kickboxing student would drive there rear shoulder forward. The hips would follow in the path. Finally, to allow the punch to be free of any resistance the kickboxer must pivot on the rear foot so that the hips can move forward and generate the requisite power.

The last thing to move on the cross punch is actually the fist and arm that is punching. With all the rotational movement created the kickboxer's elbow of the striking arm is released from the torso and is driven forward. The kickboxer's fist should rotate tightly so that the knuckles are straight across with the first two knuckles hitting the bag or mitt first for safety.

Kickboxer's use cross punches as part of multi punch combos as well as a devastating single strike. Because the kickboxer uses their entire body to generate power from proper technique - a cross punch is also a great self defense tool that can stop a mugger, thug or rappist in their tracks. So if you want to get in shape, learn how to defend yourself or just enjoy acquiring mastery of something cool...then checking out a kickboxing class in your area is a good idea.

The article author, Kyle Scott, instructs kickboxing classes at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy in Traverse City. Seung-ni has a great introductory program for beginners who have never done a kickboxing class before. A Seung-ni kickboxing coach will show you step by step how to kick, punch, block, footwork and most importantly how to throw a cross punch. To try a free kickboxing class at Seung-ni look them up on the web at or give them a buzz at 231.932.4300.

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