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Traverse City Martial Arts Helps To Create Balance For Kids, Teens & Adults

Traverse City martial arts has been helping children, teenagers and adults find and maintain balance. Balance is so important yet so hard to attain. Elusive and hard to keep, balance is the by product of martial arts training that is probably the least discussed but most appreciated.

Traverse City martial arts academies like the Seung-ni Taekwondo Studio has been assisting northern Michigan martial artists find balance for since 2001. The Seung-ni Academy offers classes for all ages starting with Little Ninjas (ages 3-4), Little Dragons (ages 5-6), Child Taekwondo (ages 7-12), Teen Taekwondo (ages 13-17) and Adult Taekwondo (ages 18 and up). Traverse City martial arts training is vital for the following reasons:

1. Cathartic Release -- Kicking and punching helps to rid the body of negative energy in a positive productive manner. Martial artist recognize that the body has chi energy and that the practice of meditation and kata and muscle memory training of self defense techniques can help to keep this vital life energy positive and flowing.

2. Friendship -- Traverse City martial artists flock to the Seung-ni Academy in the evenings after work to practice their skills in energetic group training sessions. Being surrounded by other positive martial artists insures that balance is more easily maintained because friends make sure you keep working out hard and are great listeners.

3. Helping Others -- It is often said in martial arts that teaching other is selfish in a way. Because 50% of it helps the teacher as much as the student. At the Traverse City martial arts studio at 965 Industrial Circle (located on the south east side of Traverse City). taekwondo student frequently share their skill with other students -- Both martial artists benefit.

4. New Perspective -- When our lives are out of sync we struggle. Work, family, money, over weight, health concerns...all can add great stress. A Traverse City martial arts student receives a new outlook on their life after a Taekwondo class filled with kicking, punches, takedowns, board breaking, forms and stretching. By being fully engaged in the moment ("Zen" as easterners call it or the "Zone" as westerners call it) martial artists problems don't seem as overwhelming and the path to overcoming these obstacles seems do-able. It is well recognized that martial arts helps to reduce stress.

The secret of the many positive attributes of Traverse City martial arts training is now out. So, pick up that phone and call the Traverse City Seung-ni Martial Arts Studio or check them out on line at

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