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Women's Self Defense - How To Stop A Rapist!!!

Women's Self Defense is a popular buzz word because of its need. College campuses, high school hallways, grocery store partking lots...the potential for a violent sexual assault from a rapist is seemingly everywhere. Women are wanting to learn self defense more than ever. Martial art schools across the country are offering self defense courses. At Seung-ni Martial Arts in Traverse City, Michigan, patient and friendly Master Instructors lead the women's self defense courses.

6 Quick effective tips to help keep you and your daughters safe:

1. Rapist look to find easy prey by targeting women who have long hair. So, self defense tip #1 put your hair up up under a cap before you head out for that morning jog.

2. Rapist are hoping to be able to grab and control their victim quickly. So, self defense tips #2 carry an umbrella which is a great visible long range weapon to help deter the attack before it ever begins.

3. Rapist often hide in parking lots to grab unsuspecting women as they are getting into their car after shopping or work. So, self defense tip #3 be vigilant in parking lots and don't unlock your car until you have checked the backseats and who is parked nearby.

4. Rapist seek women who are distracted. So, self defense tip #4 is don't be so focused on your cell phone that you forget to keep your mental guard up.

5. Rapist are skittish and will often back down if a victim puts up an aggressive defense. So, self defense tip #5 is learn martial arts techniques and practice them often so you can apply them under pressure.

6. Rapist will often take their victim to a more secluded location where chance of escape is less likely. So, self defense tip #6 is to fight as hard and as loud as you can the very moment the attack occurs. In other words - don't wait for a better opportunity it probably won't occur.

Essentially ever woman agrees that self defense awareness and tactical training is important -- so then why are more women taking courses. It may be that many are intimidated by the unknown of a martial arts environment. They think they make look silly, not be able to learn the moves, they might get injured. But just the opposite is true. At the 2 hour Seung-ni Academy seminars the environment is friendly, welcoming and encouraging. Moreover the techniques are simple to learn and execute.

If you would like to learn more about the self defense courses at the Seung-ni Academy please call 231-932-4300 or check the Academy out on line at

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