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Self Defense In Traverse City For All Ages!

Self Defense training in Traverse City is on the rise. Self Defense is important for all ages and genders. Elementary school age kids run into bullies and need self defense skills. College age women heading off to a new campus need to know how to protect themselves. Adults enjoying the Traverse City trails and parks needs to have real skills in case a self defense situation were to arise. Self defense is important for every Traverse City resident.

What is self defense. Self defense in its most simplistic form is the ability to protect yourself against a violent threat. Situations arise in all shapes and sizes. Often the people the who think they are invulnerable like teens and those in their young 20's need self defense and/or martial arts training the most. In Traverse City, many residents look to their local martial arts academies to learn and sharpen their skills.

Elements of a solid self defense program include:

1. Awareness - situational awareness helps insure self defense by allowing the defender to anticipate those situations where threats are most likely to arise.

2. Muscle Memory - self defense requires those using their skills to perform under pressure. Only by repeating moves over and over can a defender hope to be able to use them when it counts.

3. Simple - the self defense moves should not be complicated or have too many steps that are hard to accomplish in reality.

4. Fun - learning to protect yourself should not be a chore or a bore -- instead it should be fun, engaging and enabling.<