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Karate Helps Kids In Traverse City Schools

As Traverse City parents we want our kids to excel in school. We want our kids to focus on their studies. We want our kids to make friends. We want our kids to stand up to bullies. We want our kids to love school. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. For many boys and girls living in Traverse City, Michigan, school can be a negative and overwhelming experience. Karate, the ancient martial art of self defense can help young children learn life skills that can make school a positive experience. Karate can make that one huge difference in a childs life. Karate can help parents in raising their kids in Traverse City.

Korean Karate (or Taekwondo) is practiced in a dojang. The karate students where simple cotton uniforms, bow as they step on the training mats and practice for about an hour of rigorous physical activity and mental conditioning. At the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy located in Traverse City...young boys and girls learn how to excel in school from their black belt instructors. The life skills and benefits learned in Karate are powerful:

1. Discipline - Karate students at the Seung-ni Academy are taught that discipline is doing the right thing when they are told and self-discipline is the doing right thing before they are told.

2. Focus - Korean Karate emphasizes that in order to obtain your objective be it in sports, school, hobbies or career, the individual must apply themself with great effort for long periods of work with no distractions.

3. Courage - Seung-ni martial arts kids learn that they need to be brave to face up to their fears and challenges.

4. Respect - Obeying parents is where all begins in karate. Children in martial arts learn to respect parents, then themselves and realize that respect is a two way street.

5. Postive Attitude - Life is never going to get any easier so Karate Kids from Traverse City figure out that they need to get tougher and always to have a good attitude and that failure is a part of trying.

Parent after parent have brought their children to the Seung-ni Academy to have them learn martial arts. Yes its fun. Yes its good exercise. Yes its a cool Olympic sport. Yes you get to break boards and win trophies. But above all else kids in martial arts learn life skills that makes school a positive experience.

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