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Get in Shape and Stay in Shape with a Seung-Ni Fit Club Workout

With swimsuit season in full swing here in Northern Michigan most people want to work out, get in shape, and look good with their shirt off. Now there are a lot of ways to get in shape but not a lot that are fun and involving. In Traverse City, Michigan, however, there are a variety of workout classes that provide a great friendly and involving environment all hosted at Seung-Ni Fit Club!

While the traditional season to work out for is summer anyone who lives in Michigan can tell you that if you only work out during the sunny seasons here then you'll always be behind. The mitten state is snowy so a year-round gym is necessary. There are plenty of those, but only Seung-Ni provides group sessions with high intensity workouts. The upbeat Seung-ni instructors lead the classes through sixty minute classes that will leave everyone sweating, regardless of sun, rain, snow, or ice.

Anyone can work out alone in a gym. For some this is an ideal setting. But for many it can be unsettling to be doing something alone. All the classes at Seung-Ni Fit Club are group classes. Everyone is there for the same thing: a good workout. Sessions are always free of drama and pressure and full of cheers and encouragement. You'll find everyone participating in the class is just as supportive as the instructor running it!

If you or someone you know is interested in getting a workout and getting fit you may contact Traverse Seung-Ni Fit Club at (231) 932-4300 or visit us at

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