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Karate Kids Fight Bullying Without Kicks or Punches

Bullying is timeless. Kids young and old will always be victim to another child that bullies them physichally and/or mentally. Bullying isn't restricted by location either. The internet and its being used to "cyber-bully" have made this generation suscpeptible to bullies that they cannot confront directly. Make no mistake; bullying happens in Traverse City, Michigan as much as anywhere else. Fortunately, at Seung-Ni Martial Arts Academy, kids are taught to combat bullying with their mind and words before their fists and feet.

Seung-Ni Martial Arts offers Child Taekwondo classes for all ages. The black belt instructors teach the techniques of Korean Karate; respect yourself as well as your peers, never use what you learn to abuse another, and, should you need to defend yourself, use only the minimum amount of force required to end a conflict. Through training, Northern Michigan children gain confidence and become empowered so that a potential bully's words mean nothing to them. Students are taught to ignore a bully's words and use their own to diffuse a situation.

Sometimes the worst happens and a bully may get physical. No parent wants to see their son or daughter get hurt, however they also don't want to see their child get in trouble for hurting another in self defense. While Seung-Ni students are taught to avoid violence they are taught the proper techniques to defend themselves and others should the need arise. As previously stated, students are taught to use only the minimum force necessary to end a conflict. This way nobody, not even the bully, has to be hurt more than needed.

If you live around Traverse City and you would like to help bully-proof your son or daughter check out Seung-ni at or call 932-4300.

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