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Traverse City Martial Arts - Child Classes That Rock

Child Martial Arts In Traverse City Rocks...

Traverse City, Michigan nestled away in Northern Michigan has so much to offer families, teens, kids and adults looking for sports, hobbies, activities ... including some of the very best martial arts classes. Martial arts is unique in teaching kids so many life skills - it is not surprising that it is often regarded as one of the top extra curricular activities for a child. Traverse City boasts many top studios including the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy located on 3 Mile Road. Starting at age 3 and including classes for preschoolers, kids and teens - the Seung-ni Academy teaches fun and empowering martial arts.

Martial Arts Builds Strong Traverse City Youths

The Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy helps parents build strong kids - both mentally and physically. The Seung-ni system is founded on teaching the following important martial arts principles to Traverse City children:

  1. Focus - In order to excel in school and life and child needs focus. The ability to look an adult or teacher or even parent in the eye. The skill of reading a text book without getting distracted by a peer. The rare mental endurance to complete an assignment without flipping on the television or playing on their smart phone. Traverse City students at the Seung-ni Studio are taught focus just like another skills such as a kick or punch.

  2. Respect - Young martial arts students learn to bow as they enter and leave the training floor. They learn to say yes sir and yes ma-am. These Traverse City Karate Kids are taught that they show respect to parents by obeying them. Strong kids are respectful kids. The martial arts is the best choice for instilling life long respect.

  3. Self Control - Traverse City kids like every child struggles with self control. The Seung-ni Studio uses martial arts techniques from the old days to help their students learn to control not just their bodies but also their actions and words. Patience is the basis of all self control and the young Karate practioneers at the Seung-ni dojo are well versed in patience.

  4. Confidence - Seung-ni black belt teachers are staunch believers that you cannot give a child confidence but can only put them in a positive environment where they can earn it. Martial arts is a fantastic vehicle for building the self esteem of Traverse City children.

Traverse City Martial Arts Rocks For Children Because It Works!!!

The number of kids at the Seung-ni Academy who have improved their relationship with their parents, improved their grades at school, found a new presence from so much found confidence, stood up to a bully ... the successes from martial arts training in Traverse City are powerful. If your child could use more confidence, more focus, more respect or more self control then martial arts, martial arts at the Seung-ni Studio may be right for you and your family. Call Seung-ni at 231-932-4300, email at or check the Seung-ni website at today!

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