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Bullying - Self Defense For Your Traverse City Child

At the Seung-ni Traverse City Studio we offer martial arts classes in Korean Karate for kids of all ages: Little Grasshoppers (18 month - 3 years); Little Ninjas (a ges 3-4); Little Dragons (ages 5-6); Child Korean Karate (ages 7-12); and Teen Korean Karate (ages 13-17).

Traverse City Bullying Is Everywhere

Bullying happens in Northern Michigan and specifically in Traverse City in almost all parts of a child's day to day life. Parents will tell stories about how their kids are getting bullied and picked on while riding the bus, in gym class, at recess, in the hallways, at Boy Scouts, at a neighbors and at summer camp. With the threat of bullies everywhere around Traverse City it is not surprising that parents are more and more concerned about giving the kids the skills and training they need to stand up to and protect themselves from bullying.

Traverse City Bullying Comes In Many Forms

Sometimes the bullying is only verbal and threats. Sometimes the bullying can be physical like pushing, punching and kicking. Bullying in Traverse City can even become virtual through mean attacks on social media platforms and texting. A child in Traverse City can become the victim of bullying for seemingly no reason. And, often times they are reluctant to go to their teachers, counselors or even parents for help because they may feel embarrassed or ashamed. So, parents need to always be on the look out for a child that all of a sudden gets depressed, does not want to go to school and becomes withdrawn.

How Traverse City Kids Get Bully Proof From Martial Arts Training

The Seung-ni Academy teaches Traverse City kids real martial arts. They teach them how to deal with aggressive bullies. They teach them how to use their brain to out think, out wit and out strategize a bully. They teach them that their kicks and punches and take downs are only meant to be used in the last resort when they cannot find a peaceful solution. They teach Traverse City kids getting bullied that they are strong, that they do have effective tools and that no one has the right to pick on them. Korean Karate instills in children the idea that they can stand up for themselves and that the bullies are being mean because they probably do not like themselves. Seung-ni Black Belt instructors take the time to get to know each student and make sure they have someone who has their back at all times.

If you live around Traverse City and you think your son or daughter might be getting bullied and you would like to empower them - then please give me a call at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy at 231-932-4300. Seung-ni offers a free trial offer for any new student that would like to experience martial arts first hand. You can also check them out on the web at

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