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Fitness Gym In Traverse City Changes More Than Just Waistline!

Gyms in Traverse City Offer So Much

People head to the gyms in Traverse City for many reasons. Most buy a gym membership because they want their clothes to fit better, they want to look like they did 10 years ago, they want to get in shape for a trip, etc. Every time this year, Traverse City gym's become super crowded with Northern Michigan residents looking to achieve a New Year's Resolution about getting fit. These are all great motivations and rationales for starting to attend a gym. But, there are positive side effects that come from working out that you may not ever think about until it happens to you. At the Seung-ni Martial Arts & Fit Club in Traverse City, Michigan one of these "side benefits" just happened to one of its members not too long ago.

Kate - Kickboxing Saved Her

Kate, a single working mother with two young boys, found she could fit into her old favorites jeans but also found so much more at the Seung-ni Gym in Traverse City. About five months ago in the early fall, Kate sat down one evening on her couch after putting her two boys to bed and reflected on her life. First, she was exhausted and always felt that way. Second, her whole existence was either working or caring for the kids. Third, every morning when she got out of the shower she did not like what she saw staring back at her from the foggy bathroom mirror. Fourth, she knew she need to make a change. The very next day she decided to attend a Kickboxing class at Seung-ni Gym in Traverse City with a co-worker who had been asking her to join her for months. She was nervous as she walked through the doors into the gym and did not know what to expect from the group fitness class. After 55 minutes of Pure "FUN" as she likes to describe it -- she had found what she was looking for.

Traverse City Mom Gets Strong In Many Ways From Gym Workouts

She bought a membership that very night and set out to change her body and in so doing her life. Kate's favorite thing about the kickboxing class was getting to kick and punch the bags. It felt so wonderful to hit those pads, let out that stress and to feel the "good" sore the next morning in her arms, shoulder and legs. She started attended the Seung-ni Gym 5 to 6 times a week. Sometimes she would even bring her boys and have them watch her while she trained. Kate noticed that her clothes start to hang a little and that at night she was not spent but had good energy and was sleeping better. With all her gym work, Kate started to eat better as well. Kate had always lived in Traverse City and had always wanted to do more outdoors but had never been motivated enough to actually do it. Now, however, she started to run on the TART trail, jogging along the beach on some early mornings and taking the kids out for long wooded hikes.

Traverse City Group Fitness Changes Figure & Confidence

There are a lot of gyms in Traverse City. And, there are a lot of ways to earn back your life. Kate found her new life at the Seung-ni Fit Club. She made friends in the group fitness classes (Body Sculpt, Kickboxing, Core and Boot Camp) and also made one of the biggest changes she never expected. Kate found a new sense of confidence in herself. This self esteem was rooted in the discipline of hard fitness training and it spilled over into all parts of her life. Kate is more confident in dealing with her peers and boss at work, in parenting her children and in social relationships. Kate is just one of many super success stories at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy and Fit Club in Traverse City.

If you would like to make your own Traverse City gym success story - stop in and try a group fitness class at Seung-ni today. You can call them at 231.932-4300 or look them up on the web at

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